iTrack Wildlife

One of my favorite things about being outdoors is finding animal tracks and sign. They tell a story, where the animal was, where they came from, where they were headed, how quickly they went that way and more.

In the winter it's easier to see tracks, full gaits of an animal and a little bit more of their story. Even the smallest animals leave a track in the snow.

Mouse and turkey prints


There are track books out there but black and white pictures only tell the story of a perfect print. To understand a print you need to see it in its natural environment.

iTrack Wildlife app has gone above and beyond the boring paperback books and has brought you they chance to have a learning resource in your hand at all times. With pictures of tracks in different environments, in different gaits combined with pictures of scat and even skulls, iTrack Wildlife is the ultimate tool for outdoor lovers. The app goes into in depth descriptions of the animals and will even show you simliar tracks so you can be sure of what you are seeing. The app even contains the Wikipedia page for each animal stored for use offline.

The app goes even further, teaching you how to read tracks and gaits and includes an entire page of resources in case you want to take your education further. The app developer is constantly posting new pictures of tracks on social media and his website. Please check out the links at the bottom of the page.

The following screenshots are an example the main app and of the coyote page.



Coyote page







As you can see this app goes into incredible detail. There are 3 options for this app – Lite, Basic and Pro. The Pro version offers the most animals.
I have learned an incredible amount from this app and I know you will too.
iTrack Wildlife is avalible on the Apple Store
iTrack Wildlife website with links to purchase the app and to all of its social media