M-Pro 7 Tactical Soft-Sided Kit

One afternoon in late September, while hunting black bear in Maine, I was able to fill my tag with my first bear. As I lowered my rifle from my tree stand, the rope slipped from my hands and my rifle stuck barrel first in the soft earth like a flagpole. When I climbed down and retrieved my rifle, there was a solid dirt plug jamming my barrel.

I returned to the lodge and rummaged until I found a rod that would fit into the rifle barrel to dislodge the plug. I immediately began my search for a travel size cleaning kit to take on my hunts. After searching several stores, both in person and online, I became frustrated with the lack of finding a complete cleaning kit that was small enough and that came with a metal rod versus a metal cable.

Compact and light weight, this kit has everything you need.

Compact and light weight, this kit has everything you need for cleaning almost any weapon from .22 to 12 gauge. Photo Credit: Michelle Harmes

I almost gave up when I came across the M-Pro 7 Tactical Soft-Sided Kit. Don’t let the name fool you; this product isn’t just for AR guns. This kit includes everything you need for cleaning a wide range of weapons from .22 caliber to 12 gauge.

The  compact 9”x6.5”x2” soft-sided kit with belt loop efficiently houses everything you need with enough room to include additional items if you wish. Weighing in at 1.6 pounds, it is light enough to include in your hunting pack. The 2 ounce M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner and M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX are small enough to meet airline carry on regulations.

M-Pro 7 is a quality cleaning product that is water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and odorless; a big plus for hunters. The gun oil is thick and easy to use, allowing more protection in extreme conditions by maintaining consistent coating and coverage without evaporating. The water-based oil and  gun cleaner is biodegradable, environmentally safe and exceeds military specification requirements making M-Pro 7 tough enough for combat.

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. Click to enlarge. Photo Courtesy of M-Pro 7

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. Click to enlarge.
Photo Courtesy of M-Pro 7

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX. Click to enlarge. Photo Courtesy of M-Pro 7

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX. Click to enlarge.
Photo Courtesy of M-Pro 7

As a hunter, using a product which is not harmful to the environment that keeps my gun functioning well for safety and for an ethical kill is very important to me. It makes me proud to support a company that is concerned with producing an environmentally safe, quality product and supporting those that fight for our freedoms both at home and overseas.

Included in the M-Pro 7 Tactical Soft-Sided Kit:


  • 2 oz M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner
  • 2 oz M-Pro Gun Oil LPX
  • T-Handle Multi Section Aluminum Rod
  • Assorted Bronze Bristle Brushes:
    • Small – .22 cal/.223 cal/5.56mm
    • Medium .30 cal/30-06/.300 Mag./7.62mm
    • Medium .38 cal/.357 cal/9mm/.40 cal
    • Large .45 cal/410 gauge
    • Shotgun – 12 gauge
  • Assorted Bronze Jags
  • 75 Assorted Patches
  • Assorted Patch Loops
  • Nylon Utility Brush
  • Silicone Cloth
  • Chamber Flag
  • M-Pro7 Product and Weapon Maintenance Guide

M-Pro 7 is proudly Made in the U.S.A. and used by law enforcement in the states and by our Armed Forces overseas. The MSRP for the M-Pro 7 Tactical Soft-Sided Kit is $62.95. To purchase or to find more information about this product and all the products offered by M-Pro 7 visit http://www.mpro7.com/. You can even find a list of M-Pro 7 dealers and distributors in your area at the website.

The M-Pro 7 team is proudly supports our armed forces stating, “We are dedicated to the men and women who serve our country – donating thousands of bottles, kits and sundries through www.americansnipers.org, anysolder.com, law enforcement agencies, academies and training facilities.”

M-Pro 7 Logo is the sole property of it’s rightful owner and used within this writing solely for the promotion of products herein as requested by the product’s manufacturer.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, the products reviewed in these product reviews is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips by Swab-Its

Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips come in various calibers. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips come in various calibers. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Every gun owner knows the importance of keeping their firearms clean. Regular maintenance and lubrication will keep firearms functioning properly and safely.

In the past, I have used patches to clean my guns. I never felt that the patches were getting the guns cleaned and oiled uniformly. I always felt there had to be a better way, and now there is with Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips from Swab-Its.

When I first saw Bore-Tips I was amazed at how they fit perfectly to the barrel.  No more patches, no more guessing and they are lint free.

The exact barrel fit insures complete contact with the barrel. Photo: Michelle Harmes

The exact barrel fit insures complete contact with the barrel. Photo: Michelle Harmes

           To provide complete contact with the entire rifling of the barrel, Bore-Tips are engineered specifically for each bore. With 360 degrees of contact you can be sure that your barrel is being cleaned and oiled properly.  They will even thread onto your standard cleaning rod so you won’t have to purchase a new kit. Best of all, they are reusable. That’s right! I said REUSABLE.  Use, wash, dry and repeat! A great way to save money and eliminate piles of used oily patches.

The product is perfect for tight places. Here I am using it in an AR. Photo: Michelle Harmes

The product is perfect for tight places. Here I am using it in an AR. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Gun-Tips are also reusable and perfect for getting into the tight angles and small spaces in your firearm. I am now able to get my AR completely clean after spending a weekend stalking hogs. Riding in an open ATV can get dirt places you would least expect and when dirt combines with oil to become an enemy of a functioning firearm.

Cleaning an AR used to be a challenge, with all the angles and small places–it is very easy to snag a patch or even get a cotton swab stuck, or worse unraveling. That is not a problem with the Gun-Tips, they come in many sizes and are perfect for getting in and around small areas without snagging or leaving lint behind.

Various size bores available and cleaning swabs for small places. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Various sizes of the product that have been used and washed, ready for the next cleaning job. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Bore-Tips come in many calibers and they are adding more sizes. The Bore-Tips currently come in packages of 5 to 6 for rifle/handgun calibers and packages of 3 for 12 gauge.

Swab-its® selection of firearm swabs are available at retailers across the country as well as online by visiting www.swab-its.com

The MSRP for a pack of Bore Tips is $6.98 for rifle/handgun and $9.98 for 12 gauge, For more information on using Bore-Tips, visit www.boretips.com

The Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA!

Note: Bore-tips are not recommended for use with solvents designed to remove plastic.

Fellow staff member Diane Hassinger has this to say about Bore Tips:

I brought Bore Tips Swab Its home with me from the Shot Show.  I showed the bag to my husband and told him they were helping to clean our guns.  He took them out to the shop, and I didn’t think much about it.

A couple weeks later, I asked him how well he liked the Swab Its.  He said they were the best Q-Tips he had ever used!  He really liked that he could get into small places, and reuse and clean them as needed.  I asked if he had used them with our cleaning rods, with that he got them out and cleaned my 30-06.  The product that he loved as a Q-Tip, now became even more valuable to him with its ability to do many jobs.  These products get 4 thumbs us from us!!” ~Diane H

Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA. Photo: Swab-It Stock Photo

Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA. Photo: Swab-It Stock Photo

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Wing One Clay Thrower

WingOne Product Photo Final

A few years ago I started shooting clay pigeons. The first time I rented a thrower, it was electric and had the ability to change the angle with a hand-held controller. It was great to use but I didn’t want to be limited to only shooting there and having to rent the machine every time. It was annoying to have to wait for the machine to change angle or if it was already rented I would have to wait for my turn.

Next, I tried a spring-operated machine that was difficult to set and use. When the string broke on the spring-operated machine, we used a hand-held thrower. This particular hand-held thrower was hard to load and resulted in 95% of the targets being thrown directly into the trees next to us or busting upon immediate impact with the ground. Needless to say, we stopped shooting that day because three of us could not get a consistent flight of a clay out of this device.

At the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I was introduced to the Wing One Clay Thrower. I immediately noticed the difference in the way that the thrower is made. It is very easy to load and easy to throw. With little effort the person throwing can easily provide quick targets for multiple shooters and they can adjust the way the clay flies just by changing their throwing pattern, providing a challenging target similar to real life bird hunting situations.


Everyone I have shown the Wing One to has been impressed with its ability to quickly load and throw. The Wing One thrower is even able to throw broken clays, something that other throwers just cannot do. I can take the Wing One with me anywhere I can shoot my shotgun and it’s so simple to use I can have anyone throw for me. No batteries, no maintenance and no muscling springs into place.

The Wing One thrower is portable, affordable, effective and easy to use and proudly made in the USA. The creators of Wing One have also recently released a left handed thrower.

Image courtesy of www.wingoneusa.com

Left Handed Thrower

Wing One is available for purchase at www.wingoneusa.com/WingOne/Buy_Now!.html  for $39.95

Image and video courtesy of http://www.wingoneusa.com

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