Woodland Buck by Rinehart Targets

Shooting at a flat target is great for improving accuracy and dialing in your sight but there is no better way to prepare for a hunt than using a 3D target of the actual animal you are going to be hunting. Knowing the anatomy of the game animal being pursued is critical in assisting the hunter in making a quick clean kill.

For deer hunters, the Woodland Buck by Rinehart is a great 3D target for practice and perfecting each shot. The Woodland Buck’s features allows for an archer to shoot and review how accurate the shot placement is. Knowing where to place your shot in the simulated vitals on the Woodland Buck and practicing for perfect shot placement allows you to be confident when the moment of truth arrives in the stand.

Woodland Buck
The Woodland Buck’s body is completely molded from strong Solid FX Foam™ with no fillers ensuring archers receive the best value for the price point.

The Woodland Buck is double-sided with the left side featuring visible outlines of the heart, lung, liver, intestines, as well as the shoulder and leg bones. The right side features the visible outlines of the shoulder, legs and intestines with a 3D cut out of the heart, lung, liver for higher details and visibility aiding in precise accuracy of the vitals.

Left side with outlines of vitals, guts and shoulder bones.

The target body is completely molded from strong Solid FX Foam™ with no fillers, ensuring archers receive the best value for the price point. The target’s vitals feature Rinehart’s exclusive patented replaceable locking insert, made of Solid Rinehart “Self Healing” foam. This self-healing foam is the same material that is in the Rinehart targets that were selected in 2012 by the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) to be used exclusively as the target provider for IBO National and World Events.

Right side with cut out vital area for easy viewing at greater distances.

The self healing vital core is approved for field tips, fixed and expandable broadheads on carbon, aluminum and wood arrows shot from traditional bows, compound bows and even crossbows. Pulling the arrows is extremely easy; according to the manufacturer archers will not need any lubricants, gimmicks or pullers. The foam will heal itself within 10 seconds; ready to be shot again over and over. Not only will the replaceable core feature allow archers to save money but it will allow the target to last for years to come.Even hits to the main body seem to have “self-healing” properties. I have hit my target outside of the vital area and the hole is hardly noticeable.

The Woodland Buck is designed to simulate the body structure of a 100lb mature 8-point buck. The antlers and head are removable for easy storage and portability. Included with the buck are two metal stakes for easy set up and stabilization of your target. Weighing approximately 16 pounds, moving the target out for practice is very easy.  

The Woodland Buck has a MSRP of $179.99 and the replaceable insert is $51.99. The products are available at select Rinehart dealers and online stores. To find a dealer near you visit www.rinehart3d.com/distributors/finder.aspx. For more information on all of Rinehart’s targets please visit www.rinehart3d.com

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