Nockturnal lighted nocks


The Nockturnal lighted nock system relies on the proven concept that the simplest method is the best method. These lighted nocks do not rely on magnets or complicated methods to turn on.

Simply firing the arrow activates the light, and to turn off the light there is a switch on the side. Once they are on they stay on till you turn them off. They are very easy to turn off, I use a nock from another arrow.

Lighted nocks have saved me money by having them on my practice arrows. If I get tired and miss the target or if I miss practicing range estimation with an unknown target I can always find my arrow, even if I have to wait until dark. The lights are very bright and even shine through tall grass when the rest of the arrow is buried in dirt.


Bright enough to use like a mini flashlight if you are out finding your arrows in the dark!


Sometimes your arrows can get buried in grass and dirt. I have recovered many arrows because of the Nockturnals brightness and reliability.

Had I had these lighted nocks last deer season, I would have known where to find my arrow after shooting a doe. The combination of low light and shooting her in a cornfield made finding an unlighted arrow impossible. I would have known if I had struck her because the light allows you to follow the path of the arrow easily.

I have the nocks in pink and green. The newest Nockturnals are a clear nock with the led light inside being the colors, my older Nocturnals are pink but shine red. Both are highly visible. Nockturnals are also great for target shooting because you can see exactly where you hit with no binoculars or guessing.

You can find Nockturnals specially made for your brand of arrows and select stores and online for $27.99 for a 3 pack.

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