Heated Sock Liners

Update! These socks are no longer available at Cabela’s but you can purchase them here. I don’t know if they done with all accessories from Gyde (Gerbings new name).

I have poor circulation, I’ve been in situations where at the end of an all day sit I’m shivering so bad the treestand rattles and I can’t feel my feet. A very dangerous situation not only risking hypothermia but climbing down the ladder without being able to feel where I am stepping, I could have fallen very easily. On one occasion I was wearing the red battery powered soles by another company. They failed after the first couple hours. They weren’t cheap and are pretty uncomfortable.

I knew there had to be a better solution than hand warmers or clown boots. My feet get cold anywhere, I need a source of heat, insulating cold feet doesn’t create warmth.

Fast forward to finding heated sock liners by Gerbing. I was impressed with them the moment they came out of the box, the silky, soft, and thin material holds the heating pad on your foot. The quality is evident in the fact you can’t feel the seam between the red and black material or the heating pad that rests under the front half of your foot.

They feel like regular socks with the flexible heating pad you can walk and climb up rough terrain and treestands with no issues. I can wear the sock liners with a thick sock inside my everyday boots. The elastic on the top keeps the liners up is flexible enough that it doesn’t cut off circulation or dig into your calf.

Flexibly is key to climbing stands and rough terrain.

They don’t add any bulk and can be worn with any footwear. I tested out the sock liners in uninsulated waders in 28 degree weather. With just the sock liners inside thick socks with the heat setting on low my feet were toasty warm. Combined with my heated vest powered by Gerbing I was fighting a nap before the sun came up on the duck pond.

The heat is instant when the power button is pushed. Low was plenty for my morning duck hunt, I used the sock liners for two mornings and had plenty of battery left for another day. I did make the mistake of wearing them on a mild afternoon and my feet did get a little too warm but the material kept my feet dry.

Included everything seen here.

Three different ways to wear the battery.

The sock liners I bought from Cabela’s came with the sock liners, two 7v batteries an extension system to use with waders or bibs so that you can access your battery without having to pull your waders or bibs down exposing yourself to cold or creating extra movement in the stand.

Also included are battery holders that wrap around your calf and two clips that can attach the battery to your boot tops. A double charger is included and a storage bag that fits everything inside.

The socks are hand washable. I wear size 9.5 shoes and the medium is a perfect fit. Batteries are chargeable over 500 cycles.

Everything fits in the storage bag.

Approximate Battery Run Time/Heat Output

7.4-Volt Lithium Battery 2600MAH

Setting Heat Output Duration

High 100% 135°F 2 hours

Medium 66% 115°F 4 hours

Low 33% 90°F 6 hours

Hours are calculated at 1.0-amp draw rate

The sock liners MSRP for $199.99 and are available on Cabela’s.com, Gerbing.com and other online retailers. Other accessories are avalible through Gerbing.com as well.

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Gerbing Heated Apparel

Nothing ruins a hunt like being cold. When you can’t feel your feet it can get down right dangerous climbing out of the stand. Uncontrollable shakes create a audible warning for any nearby prey should there be any loose metal parts on your stand.

So much money and effort is spent on staying warm. Frustration mounts when it seems impossible to find something that will work for more than an hour or two. The problem is lack of movement. The cold seeps in and there is no energy spent creating heat for your clothes to retain.

I have bad circulation, my hands and feet seem to always be cold. I have tried some heated insoles and found them lacking, they run out of juice quickly and there is no way to discreetly change batteries. I have tried the thick boots and socks but I am fed up with having to have a ton of gear should I travel or just in case the weather changes.

A few years ago at a small expo I ran across a company that few have heard of, Gerbing. Currently based in North Carolina, Gerbing started out in the 1970s in Olympia, Washington after an engineer kept getting cold riding his motorcycle to work. What he invented has created a way for outdoor enthusiasts to get outside even in the coldest weather. Most of their products were originally geared towards motorcyclists but they have come out with hunting gear as well. Heated vests, sock liners, gloves, seats and even lay down blind pads are just a few of the items that can keep you warm as a hunter and you can keep the gear you already have. Visit gerbing.com for even more items. The additional accessories allow you to customize your gear and extra batteries mean you can easily stay as long as you want, should your battery wear down.

I want to introduce you to the women’s heated vest and sock liners. Although they are sold by Cabela’s with the Cabela’s name they are powered by Gerbing Technology. After seeing the technology and quality of Gerbing first hand I wouldn’t have chosen any other brand.

Click for the vest and for the sock liners.