Cabela’s Women’s Heated Vest powered by Gerbing

Cabela’s Women’s Heated Performance Camo Fleece Vest is powered by Gerbing Technology. Read more about Gerbing here.

Photo courtesy of Cabela’s.


Keeping warm when you are hunting is very important. If you’ve ever spent a day shivering and wishing you had a heater or heated blanket, this is the vest for you. I tested this vest on duck hunting and walking the dog, I was kept toasty warm with and without layers. On a 28 degree morning duck hunting the lowest level heat was enough heat to keep me warm paired with my Gerbing Sock Liners. I had a warm jacket and only glove liners to conceal my hands. Keeping my core warm kept my hands warm enough not to need bulky gloves. I have poor circulation so this is a fantastic way to keep warm without bulking up.

I was very impressed by the quality of this vest, it’s soft and form fitting without being too tight. Cut with a woman in mind the vest keeps the heat pads close to you where they work the best.

Protective tab keeps the zipper from rubbing your chin.








There was a lot of thought put into this vest from the protective tab on the top of the zipper to the easy accessed heat level selection button on the outside of the vest.

There are 3 heat pads, one on the back between the shoulder blades and two over the chest.

3 heating pads on the vest.


The battery has it’s own pocket inside of the zippered pocket to keep it securely plugged in even if your pocket is open. The button next to the zipper lets you select your heat level even if you are layered up.

Pocket inside the zipper pocket keeps the battery contained.



The vest comes in Cabela’s ZONZ Woodlands and is split between polyester/fleece on the bottom and slick polyester/spandex on the top and side accents. Cabela’s has added the signature women’s teal logo on the front and back.

Just a hint of color for a feminine touch.


These feminine accents make the vest functional and fashionable enough to wear even when you aren’t using the heat.

Includes everything you need to stay warm.


Although there are wires connecting each heating pad to the battery, I didn’t feel any of them while wearing the vest both alone and as a mid layer.

The vest performs best as a layer so the heat is retained, although you can still feel the heat without outer layers. The heat level selection button is bright so keep that in mind when you are hunting and make sure it’s covered.

Green = low, yellow = mid, red = high

The vest is hand washable and I ordered a size smaller than normal and the fit is perfect.
Approximate Battery Run Time/Heat Output

7.4-Volt Lithium Battery 2600MAH

Setting Heat Output Duration

High 100% 135°F 2 hours

Medium 66% 115°F 4 hours

Low 33% 90°F 6 hours

Hours are calculated at 1.0-amp draw rate

MSRP on is $199.99 other styles and accessories available on

Photos by Michelle Harmes

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