Waterfowl Identification: LeMaster App

There are many apps out there for identifying waterfowl through pictures mostly consisting of full grown drakes.

The Waterfowl Identification: The LeMasterMethod app is the mobile version of the popular book used for years by waterfowl hunters. Adapted from the book Waterfowl Identification: The LeMaster Method by Richard LeMaster. Published in 1986 by Stackpole Books.

The app covers 27 North American species, and allows you ID birds by comparing bills to full size illustrations. You can search by bill or species name.

For this review I'll show you the search results for the Ring-Necked duck whose name is deceiving because the ring around its neck is subtle and its uniquely colored bill more distinctive.

All images in the app can be expanded for a larger view simply by tapping on them.

The app was created for iPhone but can be used on iPad and is currently listed on the App Store for $2.99

Waterfowl Identification: The LeMaster Method by Stackpole Books


Screenshots courtesy of app.







Thanks for the steaks and the memories.

photo 2

Organic protein from the wilds of South Carolina

Cooking up some tasty venison steaks from a doe I took in South Carolina it brings back the memories of that trip. My husband and I drove from our home in New York so we could hunt with one of our good friends. It has become a tradition of sorts, and now that we are moving to South Carolina I hope to have many more hunting trips followed by campfires.

photo 1

I remember this hunt like it was yesterday.

My husband and I took our first South Carolina deer and it was the first time we doubled up, we shot our deer within minutes of each other on different stands. It was the last minutes of legal light, I heard a shot and waited for a text to see who shot. I peeked in my pocket that held my phone so i wouldn’t be illuminated, I saw it was my husband and put my phone away.

When I looked up a deer stepped out I waited since it looked small. A larger doe stepped out, she was under a pine tree but I could see her perfectly. It was just dark enough I could barely make out the cross hairs. Luckily I have a Konus scope with a lighted reticle, so I flipped that on and fired. She donkey kicked and took off. I sent a text out letting the guys know I hit one. It was four minutes after I got my husbands text. She didn’t run more than 60 yards.
We took our deer to Great Outdoors Taxidermy & Processing in Bowman and they introduced me to deer bacon, it’s better than bacon!


Our hunting trips to South Carolina always include duck hunting and I was able to take some amazing pictures and later on my first hooded merganser.


This trip we slept in a camper on the hunting property for about a week, then I hit the road to attend my first ATA convention and stay in a fancy hotel. Nashville was freezing cold but I got to see some old friends, meet some new ones and see the majority of the archery industry under one roof. I can’t wait for next year.

Its funny how a meal can bring back memories. I hunt for memories and meat. Long after the meat is gone the memory will be there. I can see that hunt as clearly as if it was yesterday. It was the perfect way to end 2013 and begin 2014.  I am very thankful to have taken that doe and enjoy the nature made truly organic protein.

photo 3

Blueberry Soda from Maine Root goes amazingly well with venison steak!