Rating over 20 bows – ATA 2017

ATA 2017 was an incredible opportunity to shoot over 25 bows from 20+ brands in one place in 3 days. I would have loved to shoot more but unfortunately there are only so many that can accommodate my short draw (25.5) and max weight of 50lbs.

This rating system is my personal option based on my tastes and shooting style. There are bows I absolutely loved but there were things about them that were just not for me. All of the bows were fun to shoot but their balance, grip and ease of draw landed them with their final ratings. My rating system is 1-5, and based on first impressions with around 5 arrows each. Not all bows shot are listed.

I would be happy to own and shoot any of the 5 rated bows but the Elite Impression is the bow I enjoyed the most. The Impression was the first bow I shot at the show and set the standard for the rest of my range time. The close second was the New Breed Nemesis the Darton 700. The new Avail from Mathews tied for 3rd with the Hoyt Carbon Defiant.

My mission was to find and shoot any new women's bows. I was really happy when the guys at just about every shooting lane insisted that all bows are women's bows. By the end of the show I began to request “short draw bows” instead of “women's bows”. As someone that is used to being handed the pink bow as a reflex of a ignorant salesman, the attitude of the staff was incredibly refreshing. Everyone was very nice but the folks at Darton, Moxie and Elite went above and beyond, very friendly and informative. The guys at Darton were so nice and knowledgeable, everything you could ask for when looking at bows.

More in depth stats and opinions available soon on an upcoming blog post.

Elite – Impression – 5+

Bear – Prowess – 5

New Breed – Nemesis – 5

Obsession- Huntress – 4

Obsession Defcon M7Z – 4


Moxie – Angel – 5

Darton – 700 – 5

Darton Maverick II – 5

Matthews – Avail – 5

Xpedition Archery Excursion 6 – 4

PSE Phenom SD – 4+

PSE Carbon Air – 4+

Hoyt Carbon Defiant – 5

Hoyt Prevail – 4+

Bowtech Eva Skockey – 5

Prime Centergy – 4+

Tribe (Recurve) Halo ILF -4+

Martin Carbon Mist – 5

Velocity Outdoors Race – 4

Velocity Outdoors Retribution – 4

Gearhead T18 – 4+

Parker Bows Lightning – 4

AMS Juice – 5

Oneida Osprey – 5