Spyder Gravity Feeder Review

We have had a traditional spin feeder for years. Keeping the battery charged was a pain and we were wasting feed on squirrels, birds and raccoons. The squirrels got so greedy they chewed through the bottom of the feeder!


We had purchased a metal replacement funnel but it wouldn't solve the main problems of battery charging and wasted feed. However, on a trip to North Carolina's Dixie Deer Classic and we found the ultimate solution!

When I first saw the Spyder Gravity Feeder I was immediately intrigued by the concept. Although skeptical at first, I spoke to the owners and they showed me video after video of deer using the system. After I noticed that it was Made in the USA I had to have one!

It was incredibly easy to install the system on our existing feeder and we put some corn and Big Tine in the feeder and waited for the deer to figure it out.


It took some time but they figured it out finally and we have never had more than a fork buck anywhere near our feeder when it spun. Unlike other gravity feeders the Spyder Gravity Feeder requires the deer to push on the trough, meaning that squirrels can't activate it and no more waste feeding pests!


Big Tine in the Spyder Gravity Feeder

Bonus! In order to have the Spyder Gravity Feeder at optimal deer height we had to remove some sections of the feeder legs. This made the feeder low enough to load from the ground! No more corn bags and ladders!

Does and bucks love it, this buck come back frequently for more Big Tine! Enjoy the following sequence of him trying to get more out. In a couple years he will be a big buck with a habit for Big Tine and he will know where to find it! Keep in mind that this buck is using the feeder even though the neighbors have a giant pile of corn less than 100 yards away just over the property line. Big Tine's mix of minerals, corn, sunflower seeds and milo coated in mouth cherry blast scent will not only keep your deer happier and healthier, it will keep them coming back! Pair Big Tine with Spyder Gravity Feeders and you have a killer combo!

Be sure to visit https://www.spydergravityfeeder.com/ to order a system for your existing feeder or purchase a feeder and Spyder Gravity Feeder combo!

I am so thankful for a maintenance free, hassle free, waste free system!


What I learned as a spectator at an ASA tournament.

Photo courtesy of http://www.asaarchery.com

When I lived in New York I was part of a 3D Archery club. I found this club by searching on www.3dshoots.com – an incredible resource for finding 3D Archery clubs, there are thousands listed. The very easy to use search will help you find a local club to join.

I heard about ASA (Archery Shooters Association) tournaments but didn't look any further into them because I thought they were only for those far more talented than myself. I love archery but don't really see myself as talented enough to compete.

I decided to check out an ASA tournament after seeing Chris Brackett, the host of Fear No Evil on Outdoor Channel, dive into ASA tournaments feet first and learning while competing.

I've been a fan of Brackett's for several years, his trick shots on Arrow Affliction are the main reason I stayed with archery even after wanting to hang up my bow forever. This was before bow manufacturers recognized that there are archers out there with less than 26″ draw lengths that aren't children. My first bow was 2.5 inches shorter than my draw length and without being able to achieve consistent proper form my arrows were literally hit or miss. After seeing Brackett shoot an arrow through a washer barely larger than his arrow I knew that I had to keep trying. After getting a bow that fit me I was getting better and better and when ever I was feeling frustrated I would think about that washer and keep going.

When Brackett was on BowJunky Media's podcast he mentioned that there isn't a lot of spectators at the shoots even though they are allowed. He invited people in the area of the next shoot to come and watch him shoot. Since his next shoot was not far from my house I took him up on it and what I learned opened my eyes to a whole new world of archer.

Chris Brackett shooting at a black bear target.


I learned that anyone can join the ASA and shoot in the tournaments. There were people from all walks of life, every shape and size of bow and archer were shooting and having fun catching up with their fellow shooters.

I learned that if you bring your tiny every day umbrella it won't cut it and you may get some friendly teasing until they ask to borrow it.

I learned that everyone seemed to be very friendly and encouraging, it was like a huge family reunion but you could buy archery gear and shoot targets.

I learned that if its hot out you'll want lemonade and they will charge you a ridiculous amount for lemon flavored sugar water but you'll buy it because you're thirsty.

I learned that even some of the best in the world can miscalculate and miss.

I learned that bowhunters can and should compete to keep their skills sharp in the off season.

I learned that it is incredibly peaceful to be in the woods surrounded by archers and singing birds as the sunlight streams through the trees.

There are classes from novice to professional, known and unknown distance, ages 6 and up, and every bow brand out there including crossbows.

It is frustrating to without a bow around so many archers having a good time shooting. However, I still had a great time getting a glimpse into a world I would love to be a part of in the future. It has inspired me to seek out another 3D archery club in the South and get back into the fun shoots with possibly joining the ASA in the future.

I encourage anyone that shoots a bow or crossbow for target shoots or hunting to go to an ASA tournament to check it out. Bring a good pair of binoculars and bug spray.

You won't be disappointed!

From the ASA websiteIf you’ve never experienced the fun and excitement of a national tournament you need to be there. It is a true archery festival with the top archery manufacturers showing the newest and latest products, competition classes for the whole family, and a full schedule of archery opportunities. In addition to the two rounds of competition featuring McKenzie 3-D targets, other activities include McKenzie Speed Bags for warm-up, a 40 target 3-D practice range, Team Shoots with Pros and amateurs, the Known Distance Shoot, Lancaster Long Shot and the opportunity to meet, watch and learn from the greatest archers in the world. ASA offers everyone the chance to experience the fun of these professionally run events with competition ranges that are specifically designed to be spectator friendly, and competition classes that allow everyone from age six-to-over sixty to compete.

Among the amateur classes are the Bow Novice and Women’s Bowhunter classes that are specifically designed for novices and bowhunters to come out and try their hand. They shoot known distance, the maximum distance is 30 yards, and long stabilizers and movable sights and sights with magnification are not permitted. Anyone who has a passion for bowhunting needs to try their hand at an ASA event to help extend their season and hone their archery skills.

Check them out at www.asaarchery.com and don't forget to use the search at www.3dshoots.com to find a local club. Now get out there and shoot!







Woodland Buck by Rinehart Targets

Shooting at a flat target is great for improving accuracy and dialing in your sight but there is no better way to prepare for a hunt than using a 3D target of the actual animal you are going to be hunting. Knowing the anatomy of the game animal being pursued is critical in assisting the hunter in making a quick clean kill.

For deer hunters, the Woodland Buck by Rinehart is a great 3D target for practice and perfecting each shot. The Woodland Buck’s features allows for an archer to shoot and review how accurate the shot placement is. Knowing where to place your shot in the simulated vitals on the Woodland Buck and practicing for perfect shot placement allows you to be confident when the moment of truth arrives in the stand.

Woodland Buck
The Woodland Buck’s body is completely molded from strong Solid FX Foam™ with no fillers ensuring archers receive the best value for the price point.

The Woodland Buck is double-sided with the left side featuring visible outlines of the heart, lung, liver, intestines, as well as the shoulder and leg bones. The right side features the visible outlines of the shoulder, legs and intestines with a 3D cut out of the heart, lung, liver for higher details and visibility aiding in precise accuracy of the vitals.

Left side with outlines of vitals, guts and shoulder bones.

The target body is completely molded from strong Solid FX Foam™ with no fillers, ensuring archers receive the best value for the price point. The target’s vitals feature Rinehart’s exclusive patented replaceable locking insert, made of Solid Rinehart “Self Healing” foam. This self-healing foam is the same material that is in the Rinehart targets that were selected in 2012 by the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) to be used exclusively as the target provider for IBO National and World Events.

Right side with cut out vital area for easy viewing at greater distances.

The self healing vital core is approved for field tips, fixed and expandable broadheads on carbon, aluminum and wood arrows shot from traditional bows, compound bows and even crossbows. Pulling the arrows is extremely easy; according to the manufacturer archers will not need any lubricants, gimmicks or pullers. The foam will heal itself within 10 seconds; ready to be shot again over and over. Not only will the replaceable core feature allow archers to save money but it will allow the target to last for years to come.Even hits to the main body seem to have “self-healing” properties. I have hit my target outside of the vital area and the hole is hardly noticeable.

The Woodland Buck is designed to simulate the body structure of a 100lb mature 8-point buck. The antlers and head are removable for easy storage and portability. Included with the buck are two metal stakes for easy set up and stabilization of your target. Weighing approximately 16 pounds, moving the target out for practice is very easy.  

The Woodland Buck has a MSRP of $179.99 and the replaceable insert is $51.99. The products are available at select Rinehart dealers and online stores. To find a dealer near you visit www.rinehart3d.com/distributors/finder.aspx. For more information on all of Rinehart’s targets please visit www.rinehart3d.com

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