Alien Nitro by Martin Archery

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Introduced for 2014 the Alien Nitro is truly out of this world!

With an incredibly light 3.5 pounds, axle to axle of 32” and its sleek design makes the Alien a perfect hunting bow for both women and men. Accommodating draw lengths between 25.5” and 30.5”, the Alien’s smooth draw and forgiving 7” brace height combined with the adjustable 80% let off creates a fast 335fps IBO. The parallel limbs are offered in peak draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds.

Martin’s vibration escape system components work together to make the Alien one of the quietest bows in the world. The shock suppressor and the string silencers decrease noise and vibration but Martin doesn’t stop there. Embedded in the riser are 3 of Martin’s exclusive Vibration Escape Modules (V.E.M.) with suspended steel stabilizing weights and the Integrated V.E.M. Arrow Shelf combine good looks and function by absorbing shock and decreasing vibration.

The lean riser is artistically crafted with details that are woven together so subtly that what looks simple from a distance is incredibly intricate close up. The alien themed details include ovals that bring to mind UFOs, alien eyes and even the Alien logo etched into the wood centered in the comfortable and solid grip. Along with the decorative details there is a seemingly small detail that makes a huge difference for a shooter, there are 3 holes for sight installation. The flexibility that this feature allows is a major innovation for optimum sight placement.

The Alien Nitro is available in camo, carbon, red, and white and has an MSRP of $934.99

Martin Archery Bows are Proudly Made in the USA by a company with an over 60 year history and dedication to quality and customer service.


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