Ten years ago in Texas…

It’s been roughly 10 years since I lived in Texas. Hard to believe. I’ve been an Army Wife for 17 years this year. In all that time I grabbed a job where I was, mostly retail and I don’t have anything to show for it career wise.

Not every store is in every state and most companies will hire but don’t want to invest in an employee that is guaranteed to be leaving. My best friend is in Texas. She worked her butt off and has her own store with an amazing company that has invested in their team. She was even recognized at a major corporate event because she is just freaking incredible and amazing! I’ll admit I’m jealous and extremely proud of her!

In my last job I had no life and was always obsessing about things that didn’t matter, and I was constantly sacrificing for a company that didn’t give me a second thought. With no team support I stopped caring. Now I’m with Rodan + Fields and I can take it anywhere I want! I’m not chained to a register, desk or hourly rate.

And yes you may look at me and think “🤔 her?” She’s not the girly, fashionable, make up, pretty type. No, I’m not. However, I’m getting older and my skin is showing it. I’ve been blessed with good skin but I do have a lot of sun damage.

I want great skin, skin that can withstand sitting in the woods in freezing weather. I want to be able to help people that do have skin issues and I want to help people change their lives.

Rodan + Fields is celebrating its 10 year anniversary which is why this is coming up. Had I known in Texas what I know now I could have gotten in on the ground floor. However, I’m here now and the company has an amazing support system and incredible genuine people. I wasn’t meant to join back then, I’m not the person I was in Texas.

I may not have anything to show for the last 10 years career wise but I do have countless hunting and fishing trips, friends I’ve made because of those trips and so many memories that money can’t buy.

Taking a chance on a ladies only hog hunt seven years ago lead me down a path that brought me here. I would have never met the people I met had I not jumped in on the hunt. Since then my life has been enriched beyond my wildest dreams, I’ve traveled and hunted in so many states and met incredible people. I have my Kodi dog because of a hunt in Missouri.

I can finally have a career and have a life. I can hunt, fish and wander the world while making a living.

So no matter if you join me on a hunt, want to change your skin or change your life. Let’s talk! Don’t look back in 10 years and think “What if….”

Jump in!


BoarMasters Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure

Photo Courtesy of BoarMasters

“Use at your own risk.”

Concentrated bear attractant so powerful it comes with a warning! 100% undiluted scent for the dedicated bear hunters and guides who don't want to waste money buying bottle after bottle of watered down scent. One bottle of concentrated bear lure makes 10 to 20 gallons of bear luring aroma. You read that right, gallons!

Mix your bear lure with any liquid, just 1-2oz mixed with 5 gallons of liquid and you are set to spray, drizzle or pour an irresistible scent so powerful it will draw the bears in from miles around!

So powerful in fact that “BoarMasters accepts no responsibility for accidents and injuries. Use at your own risk.” Take precautions to keep the lure off your clothing and person. This is NOT a cover scent it is a dinner bell!

You can also use the full concentrate with a scent wick, drag or burn.

Concentrated Conviction comes in Carmel, Beaver Castor, Anise, Blueberry, Melon and Bacon.

Sold in 4oz or larger volumes upon request.

Save money and Get Ready For Results with BoarMasters Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure.

Use with BoarMasters Bear-Lydia Legal Bear Attractants and Top Predator Pastes for you best season ever!





Featured photo courtesy of BoarMasters.


BoarMasters Top Predator Paste Review

Amy's bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

BoarMasters Top Predator Paste is a concentrated sticky bait that draws predators in with its irresistible smell and keeps them around with its addictive taste.

At Pleasant River Guide Service we use the Sweet Surrender flavor, the bears go crazy for it! The first time I smelled Sweet Surrender it was an powerful and familiar smell that made my mouth water. Think of the best jelly donut filling you've ever had, multiply it by 100 in sweetness and thickness.

Basically, Sweet Surrender is the queso of bear baits, no one can resist queso. No matter how full you are, if quest is in front of you, you'll eat it.

Sweet Surrender is also waterproof, a little will go a long way and will stay until that predator find and devours it. The 16oz container lasts a long time even with multiple bait sites.

Made with only pure ingredients, Sweet Surrender is not a glorified mineral lick – no salt or roughage in this premium gooey goodness. However, it's not made for human consumption no matter how tempting it is, and it is so incredibly tempting.

One place we put Sweet Surrender is right on the barrel, in 2015 Amy's bear would plop on her belly and lap up all the paste she could find. During the hunt, Amy said her bear came straight in for the paste allowing Amy to shoot her biggest bear to date!

Amy's bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

Amy successfully took her bear with her bow on opening day of season 2015


Amy's pumpkin headed sow was old and when the taxidermist was skinning her, he discovered she had a tooth from another bear lodged in her jaw in a healed wound. Bears are insanely tough, but they are no match for Sweet Surrender!

Amy's bear


So if you are looking for a bait that will stick around and bring in bears and furbearers to your bait or trap, look no further than BoarMasters Top Predator Paste in Sweet Surrender!




Trophystickers Custom Decals Review

Photo courtesy of Trophystickers


“Your trophy, your decal”

With Trophystickers you can take an exact replica of your trophy anywhere! All you have to do is send Trophystickers a head-on centered image of your trophy and it will be transformed into a completely unique decal. Each decal is created with dedication to detail by hunters for hunters who want something other than a store bought generic deer.

Every trophy deserves to be remembered even if it's not a wall hanger. Trophystickers decals aren't just for your vehicle windows. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Make your own wall hanger with a see through frame. This Trophysticker decal is made from my husband's moose. The bases are as big as coke cans, a 5×5 bull measuring 57.5 inches! That moose was good eating for a very, very long time. There is only so many places a rack like that will fit, but the Trophystickers decal fits anywhere!

Photo I sent Trophystickers

Decal I received, I love it!




Decorate in a style completely your own! A trip to the craft store to get a vase, led string lights, camo paper and some decorative tape makes this Trophysticker decal into a one of a kind hunt souvenir to match any room!

Completely one of a kind trophy decor!

Trophystickers make great gifts to surprise the hunter in your life or your outfitting clients. Do you have a perfect trail camera pictures of a buck on your hit list? Get a Trophystickers decal to remind yourself to hunt hard until you outsmart him or commemorate his antler growth through the years next to your shoulder mount when you finally bring him home. The possibilities are endless with these truly one of a kind decals.

No matter where you stick your decal it will look incredible and unique, no one else has your trophy!

Visit trophystickers.com today to get started!

Follow Trophystickers on Instagram @trophystickers and Facebook Trophystickers


Show off the fatal arrow.


Get your Trophystickers decal today!








Every day you choose who you will be tomorrow.

With every decision you make every day you are choosing who you will become.

In my journey to become Fit to Hunt I am neither at the beginning or near the end, there is always room for improvement.

Today I can choose to walk farther and reach my step goal or sit on the couch because I'm wore out. If I choose to walk farther I build a small amount of endurance. If I choose to relax I will hold on to a few more calories. It may not seem like much but day after day, year after year these choices define who I am and who I will be.

Life is full of choices, every minute of everyday. The only way to achieve fitness goals is to make fitness decisions. You don't just choose once to become healthier, every choice you make is a step towards or way from your goal. Some choices are overlooked due to habits and ideas that have lead to autopilot choices.

Examples of choices that may seem insignificant but will add up over time.

Pop some microwave popcorn and pour yourself a small serving and immediately throw away the rest.

If your beverage of choice is soda, drink some water first. Still have your soda but decrease the amount you drink every time and replace it with water.

If you stop for fast food, choose wisely and toss out half of the fries.

Buy a large bag of chips and divide into half servings in sandwich bags.

Birthday coming up? Get or make a small cake or a cupcake.

Use milk instead of cream in your coffee and use real sugar not the chemicals. There are only 15 calories in a pack of sugar! Use a little less milk and sugar and buy quality coffee to enjoy the flavor.

Get more sleep! Get out of the cycle of caffeine to wake you up after caffeine kept you awake.

The point of these choices is to not deprive yourself, that never works. If you tell yourself you can't have something, life has a way of shoving it in your face. It may seem crazy to throw away food when we've been programmed to save it for later but you must decide if you want to food go to waste or go to waist.

For fitness you can decide to walk a little farther every day, use technology to measure your steps and set your goals high enough to push yourself but low enough to accomplish. There are often nights when I'm exhausted but almost at my goal so I take another walk with the dog or do some high step walking in place while watching tv. Utilize the apps that create competition and accountability, you'll be surprised how far you can go when you aren't going alone.

I set my goals at different levels so there is always one to push me to do more.

I use the Fit Bit Blaze, not only does it count my steps and track heart rate, it tracks sleep and activity levels, allows me to compete with friends and family from all over the country. Plus, mega bonus feature, it shows text and other notifications.

This was a major selling point for me as a hunter. I want to know immediately if I get a “BBD” or “deer heading your way” text without having to have my phone in my hand when I'm supposed to be paying attention to the woods.

When I'm not in the woods I can keep up with notifications at work with a flick of the wrist and know when I need to stop and look at my phone or just get to that text when I can.

Can't miss these kind of notifications from my favorite hunting show!

So decide today to make better decisions, the results will speak for themselves. It may be slow going at first but you didn't get where you are over night and the choice to become healthier is a life long, daily change not an immediate success.

Choose not to make excuses, don't have time for the gym? Fit to Hunt has you covered. If you are reading this you can have a personal trainer. They come to you through the internet!

So what choices will you make today? Will you go to bed 5 minutes early and get up in the morning and get 5 extra minutes for exercise? Will you bring your food to work saving time, money and calories? Will you keep a stash of healthy snacks everywhere you go to fight off hunger so you don't have to go to the drive thru?

The choices will never go away but they will become easier to make the better decision.


What it means to be Fit to Hunt

When does your hunt start? Hunting isn't just about walking into the woods and walking out with an animal. Your hunt starts long before you ever slip on your camouflage. Trail cameras, maps, weather forecasts and practicing with your weapon of choice are all part of your hunt. However, your hunt starts every morning. Every single day you make choices that will determine your success in the field. Exercising and eating right can actually help you sit in a tree, alert and ready when your prey steps out.

To many, sitting in a tree seems easy, all you are doing is sitting there. To those with chronic back pain, just sitting there is anything but easy. The excitement of hunting season is often paired with stress and anxiety thinking what if back spasms hit while in the tree.

Growing up in Alaska I have fished my entire life but I began hunting in 2009, my first hunt was a Hawaiian sow on the island of Oahu with my new to me PSE Bandit bow. I've successfully hunted deer, bear, hogs, waterfowl and alligators.

In 2010 a chronic back problem started going downhill and only became worse as time went on. One of the worst moments was having paramedics drag me out of my car because I couldn't handle the pain of muscle spasms. After learning I had 2 bulged discs, I went through physical therapy but the drive to improve wasn't there. I did what I could to avoid the pain, letting it control my life physically, mentally and emotionally.

In spring of 2015 I learned of an amazing company called Fit to Hunt, and was intrigued by their mission statement “Our mission is simple: We help outdoorsmen get the most out of their outdoor experiences by helping them improve their physical fitness, nutrition and performance.”

My 2015 bear hunt began in April of 2015. I spoke with Jeremy of Fit to Hunt about my concerns with my back and the upcoming season. On my own I was in a trap of feeling better, over doing the workouts and all progress on the road to recovery was lost. With Fit to Hunt I began by taking baby steps, not over doing it. New exercises and stretches were added slowly, building muscles and creating flexibility. I had been going to physical therapy but it wasn't working as well as it should have. Fit to Hunt trainers understand that the physical, mental and emotional have to be addressed. Going from being strong and being able to sit and hunt all day to being stuck in bed all day takes a huge toll on you and it's very easy to want to give up.

Thankfully, through hard work and the help of my trainer I was able to sit in the stand and enjoy the hunt with no pain even after driving over 20 hours to Maine. I successfully took a bear with my Martin Alien bow during the 2015 season and I know that none of that would have been possible without Fit to Hunt. Back pain is still a daily battle but now it's a battle I can accept and win. Next season I will be even stronger since I can focus on fitness in addition to recovery.

Without Fit To Hunt this bear hunt would have been impossible.

In 2016 I didn't fill my bear tag but I was able to sit in a tree stand for 3 weeks straight with no major issues even with my 22 hours drive to and from Maine. I still have pain, especially after long days at work but being able to mentally pull through it I get stronger every day.

I've never been a runner, but I played soccer in high school and basketball in middle school. Both of those sports require hours of practice and drills to build up skill and endurance for game time. Honing your skills and building endurance are equally important in hunting as well. Being physically and mentally prepared for those seconds that mean the difference between an empty or full freezer is what Fit to Hunt is all about.

Let us be a part of your journey to become Fit to Hunt!

Visit fit2huntperformance.com and follow Fitto Hunt on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!