Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips by Swab-Its

Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips come in various calibers. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips come in various calibers. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Every gun owner knows the importance of keeping their firearms clean. Regular maintenance and lubrication will keep firearms functioning properly and safely.

In the past, I have used patches to clean my guns. I never felt that the patches were getting the guns cleaned and oiled uniformly. I always felt there had to be a better way, and now there is with Bore-Tips and Gun-Tips from Swab-Its.

When I first saw Bore-Tips I was amazed at how they fit perfectly to the barrel.  No more patches, no more guessing and they are lint free.

The exact barrel fit insures complete contact with the barrel. Photo: Michelle Harmes

The exact barrel fit insures complete contact with the barrel. Photo: Michelle Harmes

           To provide complete contact with the entire rifling of the barrel, Bore-Tips are engineered specifically for each bore. With 360 degrees of contact you can be sure that your barrel is being cleaned and oiled properly.  They will even thread onto your standard cleaning rod so you won’t have to purchase a new kit. Best of all, they are reusable. That’s right! I said REUSABLE.  Use, wash, dry and repeat! A great way to save money and eliminate piles of used oily patches.

The product is perfect for tight places. Here I am using it in an AR. Photo: Michelle Harmes

The product is perfect for tight places. Here I am using it in an AR. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Gun-Tips are also reusable and perfect for getting into the tight angles and small spaces in your firearm. I am now able to get my AR completely clean after spending a weekend stalking hogs. Riding in an open ATV can get dirt places you would least expect and when dirt combines with oil to become an enemy of a functioning firearm.

Cleaning an AR used to be a challenge, with all the angles and small places–it is very easy to snag a patch or even get a cotton swab stuck, or worse unraveling. That is not a problem with the Gun-Tips, they come in many sizes and are perfect for getting in and around small areas without snagging or leaving lint behind.

Various size bores available and cleaning swabs for small places. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Various sizes of the product that have been used and washed, ready for the next cleaning job. Photo: Michelle Harmes

Bore-Tips come in many calibers and they are adding more sizes. The Bore-Tips currently come in packages of 5 to 6 for rifle/handgun calibers and packages of 3 for 12 gauge.

Swab-its® selection of firearm swabs are available at retailers across the country as well as online by visiting

The MSRP for a pack of Bore Tips is $6.98 for rifle/handgun and $9.98 for 12 gauge, For more information on using Bore-Tips, visit

The Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA!

Note: Bore-tips are not recommended for use with solvents designed to remove plastic.

Fellow staff member Diane Hassinger has this to say about Bore Tips:

I brought Bore Tips Swab Its home with me from the Shot Show.  I showed the bag to my husband and told him they were helping to clean our guns.  He took them out to the shop, and I didn’t think much about it.

A couple weeks later, I asked him how well he liked the Swab Its.  He said they were the best Q-Tips he had ever used!  He really liked that he could get into small places, and reuse and clean them as needed.  I asked if he had used them with our cleaning rods, with that he got them out and cleaned my 30-06.  The product that he loved as a Q-Tip, now became even more valuable to him with its ability to do many jobs.  These products get 4 thumbs us from us!!” ~Diane H

Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA. Photo: Swab-It Stock Photo

Swab-It products are proudly made in the USA. Photo: Swab-It Stock Photo

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Exodus Broadheads

The first thing that you immediately notice about the Exodus broadhead by Quality Archery Designs is that it is designed somewhat differently than other broadheads of its class. Instead of being similar to the conventional broadhead, which can add an inch or more to the arrow length, the Exodus broad head uses a new technology called Blade Over Shaft Technology (B.O.S.). This design allows the tempered stainless steel blades to extend back over the shaft allowing the arrow to remain the same length as it would be with a field point. I use the tapered field points that are slightly longer than the “bullet” style field points.


Although the broad head is a fixed blade broadhead, the blades are replaceable. The cut-on-contact head has a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter and is available in 85 or 100 grain with the option of a barbed or non-barbed style.

I found that the broadheads fly identical to my field points and the blades are amazingly sharp. My target is a stacked foam Block target and when I shoot the Exodus broadheads, I pull the arrows out with large pieces of foam falling out of the target. Not good for target longevity but great for shooting any game animal. Luckily, since they fly exactly like field points you won’t have to tear up your targets trying to dial in your pins.

Just for fun, I tested the broad head on some pumpkins; the tough outer shell of the pumpkin would provide a good comparison to that of the vital zone of a whitetail deer.

I currently shoot a 47 pound draw weight and as you can see from the pictures, the pumpkin hardly slowed the arrow down.


I then tried with two pumpkins with similar results.The Exodus passed through the pumpkins like they weren’t even there and the only thing that stopped the arrow was the target.


One mild winter night, I had the opportunity to test the broadheads on a raccoon. The raccoon was treed about 10 yards away and the shot flew through ribs, vitals and kept flying for another 15 yards. The exit wound was twice as large as the broadhead’s cutting diameter. I cannot wait to try these broad heads on a deer or hog.

If you are in the market for a fixed blade with field point accuracy capable of bone crushing devastation, even with a lighter pound bow, I highly recommend the Exodus broadheads by Quality Archery Designs. They are available at select stores and at at a MSRP of $39.99.

Video Courtesy of Quality Archery Designs

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Akita Stock by ATI

Akita Gun Stock in Dark Earth Brown     Photo courtesy of ATI

Akita Gun Stock in Dark Earth Brown       Photo courtesy of ATI

The first shotgun I purchased was a 12 gauge Mossberg 500. The 12 gauge has always been known for its kick and the 500 is no exception. Its a great gun but can leave you tender after a day shooting clays. The stock of the gun was too long for me to shoulder the gun comfortably so I wouldn’t shoot it often.

I learned of the Akita gun stock when I discovered that it came standard on a CZ shotgun. When I saw the stock on a display Mossberg 500, I had to have it! I love that I can still have a hunting look to my shotgun, in the black and brown color combination, because the stock is available in 3 colors. Also available are matching forends to complete the look and feel of your shotgun.

Mossberg Akita Adjustable Stock with Neoprene Adjustable Cheekrest

Akita Adjustable Stock and Forend in Dark Earth Brown on Mossberg 500 ~Photo courtesy of ATI

The Akita is 4 position-adjustable, ranging from a 12 3/8″ to 14 3/8″ length of pull. Perfect for shotguns that will be shared or a shotgun that is purchased for a growing youth.


Smallest adjustment on top, largest on bottom.

Another feature that makes the Akita stock so amazing is the Scorpion Recoil Pad. I was skeptical because I have tried other brand recoil pads and not only do they add length to the gun, they don’t work as well as I think they should. The Scorpion Recoil Pad changes the Mossberg 500’s “mule kick” into a recoil equivalent  to that of a 20 or even 28 gauge.

The combination of the adjustable stock and recoil pad will save your shoulder and allow you more options for gun selection for anyone that would shy away from buying a 12 gauge; or even from using a higher brass, heavyweight shot such as duck or turkey loads.

The recoil pad also helps to minimize the muzzle lift, which is important when you are trying to shoot multiple targets quickly. Without the complex parts of spring or piston driven recoil reducers, the Scorpion Recoil Pad will not fail you. If it is on your gun, it will perform well.

The Akita also comes with an adjustable cheekrest, allowing you to finely tune your shotgun to fit you. No more neck strain keeps you shooting longer in the field and at the range. Yet again, a great feature for growing youth or ladies.

A friend of mine has a bad shoulder that comes out of socket, limiting her to shooting smaller gauge shotguns. It took some convincing but she shot my Mossberg 500 with the Akita stock installed and she was amazed that it was a 12 gauge. She thought that it kicked like her 28 gauge. The Akita now offers her more shotgun options to any gauge she chooses. She has also decided to purchase the stock for her 11-year old daughter’s shotgun to allow her to shoot more than a few shots before becoming sore and discouraged.

I know that I will be shooting my shotgun more often now because the gun not only fits me correctly; it  offers less recoil. The Akita is easy to install, it took me less than 20 minutes–from reading the instructions to completion. It would have taken me less time if I had found the correct socket wrench the first time. The only difficult part is finding an extension rod long enough to get down in that very long Mossberg stock.

The Akita gun stock is weatherproof, made of DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer. It is manufactured in the USA and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Akita is available for 12 gauge and select 20 gauge Mossberg, Remington, Ithaca and Winchester shotguns at a MSRP of $89.99 and retail at select stores and at

For more information, visit the ATI website and stay tuned to for a video review in the near future.


My Mossberg 500 with Akita Stock and Forend.

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Wing One Clay Thrower

WingOne Product Photo Final

A few years ago I started shooting clay pigeons. The first time I rented a thrower, it was electric and had the ability to change the angle with a hand-held controller. It was great to use but I didn’t want to be limited to only shooting there and having to rent the machine every time. It was annoying to have to wait for the machine to change angle or if it was already rented I would have to wait for my turn.

Next, I tried a spring-operated machine that was difficult to set and use. When the string broke on the spring-operated machine, we used a hand-held thrower. This particular hand-held thrower was hard to load and resulted in 95% of the targets being thrown directly into the trees next to us or busting upon immediate impact with the ground. Needless to say, we stopped shooting that day because three of us could not get a consistent flight of a clay out of this device.

At the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I was introduced to the Wing One Clay Thrower. I immediately noticed the difference in the way that the thrower is made. It is very easy to load and easy to throw. With little effort the person throwing can easily provide quick targets for multiple shooters and they can adjust the way the clay flies just by changing their throwing pattern, providing a challenging target similar to real life bird hunting situations.

Everyone I have shown the Wing One to has been impressed with its ability to quickly load and throw. The Wing One thrower is even able to throw broken clays, something that other throwers just cannot do. I can take the Wing One with me anywhere I can shoot my shotgun and it’s so simple to use I can have anyone throw for me. No batteries, no maintenance and no muscling springs into place.

The Wing One thrower is portable, affordable, effective and easy to use and proudly made in the USA. The creators of Wing One have also recently released a left handed thrower.

Image courtesy of

Left Handed Thrower

Wing One is available for purchase at!.html  for $39.95

Image and video courtesy of

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Rinehart Field Target

I’ve had my eye on this target for a while and finally found it in a store. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too large or two small.

The target is a good size with good weight behind it. It is very fun to shoot and when you shoot it it will spin with the energy of the shot so you have many different points of aim with little worry of robin hooding an arrow.This is also great if there is more than one shooter. The target can be placed at a known distance or tossed for distance estimation practice.


When shot at a slight angle, the target spins on grass and allows for multiple shots.

Even if your hunting area is marked at distance, animals rarely pick the exact distance so it good to practice. The target is black with bright green targets that are highly visible even in low light.


Even after many, many shots the target seals up and is really for more hits.

Rinehart Field Target has self healing material that makes it extremely durable.

You can find the rineheart target at select stores or a online hunting retailer for $34.99

For more information go to

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