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Growing up in Alaska I have been blessed with a love of fishing, however I didn’t start hunting until I was 28.

In 2001, I married the love of my life and he introduced me to hunting several years later. I will always be grateful for all he has taught me and continues to teach me. His skills in the woods and at target practice make me envious, but he is the best coach I could ask for and an amazing hunting partner.

I have always felt a connection with archery and when I shot my first arrow I was hooked! My first harvest was a Hawaiian sow shot with my bow, it was such a rush. Hog hunting is so much fun and so necessary to lessen the devastating impact they have on farmers and on native wildlife habitat.

When we moved to Alabama it opened up a whole new world of hunting and fishing that I had never known existed. Alabama will always feel like home to me. It is also where I started bowfishing, which combines my love of archery with my love of fishing; it is my new favorite sport.

I prefer bowhunting but a back injury prevented me from spending my usual hours upon hours in a tree stand. I started ground hunting with my first rifle, this also let me feel very close to nature as opposed to sitting in a ground blind. Free to roam I would find a tree in an area I liked and lean up against it for hours and watch nature.

My husband is in the Army so most of my hunting has been on military property. Hunting on a military base is difficult and at times far from peaceful. Harvesting game with the added challenges makes it an even more rewarding experience.

If I am fishing for King Salmon in pristine Alaska, bowfishing alligator in the swamps of Florida, stalking hogs in the hardwood bottoms of Alabama, duck hunting the flooded timber of South Carolina, hunting bear in the isolated woods of Maine, bowhunting whitetail in the hill country of North Missouri, or anywhere else life brings me, I hope to share camp with you!

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Martin Archery Pro Staff

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