Ten years ago in Texas…

It’s been roughly 10 years since I lived in Texas. Hard to believe. I’ve been an Army Wife for 17 years this year. In all that time I grabbed a job where I was, mostly retail and I don’t have anything to show for it career wise.

Not every store is in every state and most companies will hire but don’t want to invest in an employee that is guaranteed to be leaving. My best friend is in Texas. She worked her butt off and has her own store with an amazing company that has invested in their team. She was even recognized at a major corporate event because she is just freaking incredible and amazing! I’ll admit I’m jealous and extremely proud of her!

In my last job I had no life and was always obsessing about things that didn’t matter, and I was constantly sacrificing for a company that didn’t give me a second thought. With no team support I stopped caring. Now I’m with Rodan + Fields and I can take it anywhere I want! I’m not chained to a register, desk or hourly rate.

And yes you may look at me and think “🤔 her?” She’s not the girly, fashionable, make up, pretty type. No, I’m not. However, I’m getting older and my skin is showing it. I’ve been blessed with good skin but I do have a lot of sun damage.

I want great skin, skin that can withstand sitting in the woods in freezing weather. I want to be able to help people that do have skin issues and I want to help people change their lives.

Rodan + Fields is celebrating its 10 year anniversary which is why this is coming up. Had I known in Texas what I know now I could have gotten in on the ground floor. However, I’m here now and the company has an amazing support system and incredible genuine people. I wasn’t meant to join back then, I’m not the person I was in Texas.

I may not have anything to show for the last 10 years career wise but I do have countless hunting and fishing trips, friends I’ve made because of those trips and so many memories that money can’t buy.

Taking a chance on a ladies only hog hunt seven years ago lead me down a path that brought me here. I would have never met the people I met had I not jumped in on the hunt. Since then my life has been enriched beyond my wildest dreams, I’ve traveled and hunted in so many states and met incredible people. I have my Kodi dog because of a hunt in Missouri.

I can finally have a career and have a life. I can hunt, fish and wander the world while making a living.

So no matter if you join me on a hunt, want to change your skin or change your life. Let’s talk! Don’t look back in 10 years and think “What if….”

Jump in!


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