BoarMasters Top Predator Paste Review

Amy's bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

BoarMasters Top Predator Paste is a concentrated sticky bait that draws predators in with its irresistible smell and keeps them around with its addictive taste.

At Pleasant River Guide Service we use the Sweet Surrender flavor, the bears go crazy for it! The first time I smelled Sweet Surrender it was an powerful and familiar smell that made my mouth water. Think of the best jelly donut filling you've ever had, multiply it by 100 in sweetness and thickness.

Basically, Sweet Surrender is the queso of bear baits, no one can resist queso. No matter how full you are, if quest is in front of you, you'll eat it.

Sweet Surrender is also waterproof, a little will go a long way and will stay until that predator find and devours it. The 16oz container lasts a long time even with multiple bait sites.

Made with only pure ingredients, Sweet Surrender is not a glorified mineral lick – no salt or roughage in this premium gooey goodness. However, it's not made for human consumption no matter how tempting it is, and it is so incredibly tempting.

One place we put Sweet Surrender is right on the barrel, in 2015 Amy's bear would plop on her belly and lap up all the paste she could find. During the hunt, Amy said her bear came straight in for the paste allowing Amy to shoot her biggest bear to date!

Amy's bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

Amy successfully took her bear with her bow on opening day of season 2015


Amy's pumpkin headed sow was old and when the taxidermist was skinning her, he discovered she had a tooth from another bear lodged in her jaw in a healed wound. Bears are insanely tough, but they are no match for Sweet Surrender!

Amy's bear


So if you are looking for a bait that will stick around and bring in bears and furbearers to your bait or trap, look no further than BoarMasters Top Predator Paste in Sweet Surrender!




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