Every day you choose who you will be tomorrow.

With every decision you make every day you are choosing who you will become.

In my journey to become Fit to Hunt I am neither at the beginning or near the end, there is always room for improvement.

Today I can choose to walk farther and reach my step goal or sit on the couch because I'm wore out. If I choose to walk farther I build a small amount of endurance. If I choose to relax I will hold on to a few more calories. It may not seem like much but day after day, year after year these choices define who I am and who I will be.

Life is full of choices, every minute of everyday. The only way to achieve fitness goals is to make fitness decisions. You don't just choose once to become healthier, every choice you make is a step towards or way from your goal. Some choices are overlooked due to habits and ideas that have lead to autopilot choices.

Examples of choices that may seem insignificant but will add up over time.

Pop some microwave popcorn and pour yourself a small serving and immediately throw away the rest.

If your beverage of choice is soda, drink some water first. Still have your soda but decrease the amount you drink every time and replace it with water.

If you stop for fast food, choose wisely and toss out half of the fries.

Buy a large bag of chips and divide into half servings in sandwich bags.

Birthday coming up? Get or make a small cake or a cupcake.

Use milk instead of cream in your coffee and use real sugar not the chemicals. There are only 15 calories in a pack of sugar! Use a little less milk and sugar and buy quality coffee to enjoy the flavor.

Get more sleep! Get out of the cycle of caffeine to wake you up after caffeine kept you awake.

The point of these choices is to not deprive yourself, that never works. If you tell yourself you can't have something, life has a way of shoving it in your face. It may seem crazy to throw away food when we've been programmed to save it for later but you must decide if you want to food go to waste or go to waist.

For fitness you can decide to walk a little farther every day, use technology to measure your steps and set your goals high enough to push yourself but low enough to accomplish. There are often nights when I'm exhausted but almost at my goal so I take another walk with the dog or do some high step walking in place while watching tv. Utilize the apps that create competition and accountability, you'll be surprised how far you can go when you aren't going alone.

I set my goals at different levels so there is always one to push me to do more.

I use the Fit Bit Blaze, not only does it count my steps and track heart rate, it tracks sleep and activity levels, allows me to compete with friends and family from all over the country. Plus, mega bonus feature, it shows text and other notifications.

This was a major selling point for me as a hunter. I want to know immediately if I get a “BBD” or “deer heading your way” text without having to have my phone in my hand when I'm supposed to be paying attention to the woods.

When I'm not in the woods I can keep up with notifications at work with a flick of the wrist and know when I need to stop and look at my phone or just get to that text when I can.

Can't miss these kind of notifications from my favorite hunting show!

So decide today to make better decisions, the results will speak for themselves. It may be slow going at first but you didn't get where you are over night and the choice to become healthier is a life long, daily change not an immediate success.

Choose not to make excuses, don't have time for the gym? Fit to Hunt has you covered. If you are reading this you can have a personal trainer. They come to you through the internet!

So what choices will you make today? Will you go to bed 5 minutes early and get up in the morning and get 5 extra minutes for exercise? Will you bring your food to work saving time, money and calories? Will you keep a stash of healthy snacks everywhere you go to fight off hunger so you don't have to go to the drive thru?

The choices will never go away but they will become easier to make the better decision.


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