Upcoming 5th Annual Women’s Bear Hunt

With summer weather finally here my thoughts turn to the upcoming bear season. Every year it gets better. Returning to familiar woods that are still full of mystery, seeing old friends and making new ones, and of course the hunt. Sitting alone waiting for a silent predator to appear as if from no where and wondering if a moose will stop by.

You never know what you'll see in the woods!

During the 2015 season 5 ladies took bear and others passed on small bears waiting for the monsters that haunted us from trail cameras, some even at the barrel minutes before the hunter walked in. Week one Cindy and Jennifer both got their very first bears on the same day! Amy and I both got our second bears but on different days. Jennifer is a taxidermist and taught me how to completely skin a bear. Check out her amazing work here.

We also discovered that bear absolutely love Boarmasters' Sweet Surrjender Paste! Amy's bear couldn't get enough of it. When she got her bear back to her taxidermist, she learned that her bear had another bear's tooth lodged in her jaw. Bears are unbelievably tough animals!

Week one bears. Bears love Boarmasters!


Week two was full of great moments, Tena and Louwanna braved the Maine woods for the first time and by the end of the week they conquered their fears and hunted solo. Katy passed on a small bear and a coyote that was prowling for mice. Week two is also when one of my favorite bear hunting events happened, Lauren got her first bear! Why is it one of my favorite events? Because Lauren is someone who deserved a bear, she is the very definition of a survivor.

Lauren served in the Army 5 years prior to being wounded on her second tour to Afghanistan. SPC Leihgaber was pinned inside her vehicle during a rollover resulting in injuries to her right leg, hip, back and shoulder. Medically discharged in 2013, Lauren lives near her final duty station of Fort Hood Texas. In February 2015 she was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of breast cancer. 2014 was her first year hunting and harvested her first buck. Lauren was able to take her first bear at PRGS with a crossbow and the whole thing was captured on camera!

As of February 2016 Lauren is officially in remission after mastectomy and is in reconstruction phase. We are so thankful she's kicking butt and PRGS is going to bring her back to Maine to hunt with us again this year!

Lauren and her first bear!

For our 5th annual hunt the 2016 bear season should be our best season yet with 3 weeks of women hunting. Most of the ladies from 2015 will be returning, there will be some new and some that we will miss and hope to see in future seasons.

For info on the hunt visit Pleasant River Guide Service

2015 was a great year!



I hope up I can join us this season or next!




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