10 Hunting Apps You Need to Download

1. HuntStand by TerraStride


Huntstand app by TerraStride is an incredible tool to have with you for hunting and land management. Its many features will help you year-round, even in areas with little or no cell service. The app is an extension of the online service that allows you to share information with your friends, clients or hunting club. Read more…


2. VelocitipUNO by Full Flight Technology, LLC

While there are no shortcuts that replace time spent building and maintaining archery skills, there is now a smart way to cut down your zeroing time. Inputting four measurements from your bow set up will produce an on-screen guide to set your pins or sight tape. The UNO app will allow new and experienced archers to focus on skill building instead of messing with pins. Read more…


3. ArcheryPal by Philip Keth

ArcheryPal allows you to calculate your arrow speed, kinetic energy, and FOC. You can keep track of your target sessions and even take a picture of your target face to use so that you know exactly where you are hitting for the most accurate records. You can see your most maximum kill range based on your target practice sessions. You can also use it for navigation with Hot Spot waypoints. Read More…











4. HUNT App: Public/Private Land Ownership GPS Map by Montana Mapping & GPS

An essential tool for your hunting arsenal, these fast, intuitive topo maps highlight all public and private property boundaries. Our HUNT Maps add a layer of private land parcels which list land owner information. With the HUNT line of products you can easily determine your position in relation to public or private property boundaries, find new access, determine land owner names and ranch boundaries, and we are just getting started! Endorsed by numerous State and Federal agencies, our maps are the most reliable source for land ownership maps on the market.” Read more…




5. iTrack Wildlife by NatureTracking.com

iTrack Wildlife app has gone above and beyond the boring paperback books and has brought you they chance to have a learning resource in your hand at all times. With pictures of tracks in different environments, in different gaits combined with pictures of scat and even skulls, iTrack Wildlife is the ultimate tool for outdoor lovers. The app goes into in depth descriptions of the animals and will even show you simliar tracks so you can be sure of what you are seeing. The app even contains the Wikipedia page for each animal stored for use offline. Read more…



6. Solunar Calendar – Best Hunting Times and Feeding

This is one of my favorite hunting apps. Not only does it give you solunar information but it is easy to navigate and you can quickly switch between sunrise/sunset and you can look at future dates. Great for planning ahead for your next trip. Weather is synced when you have data access and it has a 5 day forecast. Read more…


7. Waterfowl Identification: LeMaster Method

There are many apps out there for identifying waterfowl through pictures mostly consisting of full grown drakes. The Waterfowl Identification: The LeMasterMethod app is the mobile version of the popular book used for years by waterfowl hunters. Adapted from the book Waterfowl Identification: The LeMaster Method by Richard LeMaster. Published in 1986 by Stackpole Books. The app covers 27 North American species, and allows you ID birds by comparing bills to full size illustrations. You can search by bill or species name. Read more…


8. Skin-A-Buck – How to guides for hunters and taxidermists

From Knight's Taxidermy in Alaska, this app will guide you step by step through process of skinning a mount for the taxidermist. Currently there is guides for deer and bear, 29 steps for each animal and the great part is there is an option for the app to read the instructions to you since skinning an animal is messy and requires more hand than you have. Read more…



9. Deer Plot – MSU Deer Lab

Brought to you by the Deer Lab at Mississippi State University, the Deer Food Plot app tells you what, when, why and how to plant food plots that will maximize nutrition for your deer herd. Categorized into Cool Season, Warm Season and Perennial, the app details each category of plant with specific information for each. Learn shade tolerance, pH balance, planting dates, planting rate, varieties and inoculant (when necessary). Knowing what to plant and when will help you get the most out of your food plots and dollars. The app even provides you with suggestions for mixes so that you can provide a variety of forage more longer than a food plot planted with a single plant. Read more…



10. Chris Brackett's Kamikaze Karp

Super fun and addicting game! The first bowfishing app brought to you by the man that invented aerial bowfishing. The ninja fish are incredibly sneaky and annoying but the game is a fast paced blast that you won't be able to put down! Read more…



















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