Interview with Jeremy Myers of TKO

Being in the hunting industry gives you a unique perspective into a world that most don’t know exist or have wild misconceptions about what it means to have an outdoor show or be sponsored by a company. The reality behind sponsorships and pro(montional) staff is nothing is free.

The men and women’s that represent outdoors products work extremely hard for those companies, often harder than they would have to work to earn the money to buy the products at retail value. These men and women bring a tremendous value to the companies they represent.

One of the nicest and hardest working individuals I’ve met in the industry is Jeremy Myers, founder of TKO – Team Knockout an online hunting show. Jeremy’s hard work and tireless determination is a perfect example of what it takes to make it in the industry.

He has even offered advice on how to be successful the industry in his blog.


The following is a short interview I had with Jeremy.

Q: What is TKO and how did it start?

Tko is an online hunting show I started in 2010. I started it after returning home from a turkey hunting trip in Kansas and they guys I went with had an online show. When I got back I ended up starting with an online show from Minnesota and after about a yr or two I decided to do my own show. When I told people I was going to do a show I was laughed at and told I would never get anywhere or be anything. I used that negativity to motivate me to not only do it but be successful at it. I also wanted to make a show that wasn’t over the top and was a show people could relate to. Not everybody has the opportunity to harvest a monster buck.

Q:What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting TKO?

I wish I knew then how truly hard the hunting industry is to be successful in. I wish then I really understood how it all worked.

Q:What surprised you most about the hunting industry?

What surprised me the most about the hunting industry was even tho it’s a huge industry in the grand scheme of things it’s really not that big and everyone knows everyone for the most part and even competitor companies talk to each other and are friends. I was also surprised at how many people in the last few yrs have been trying to make it into the industry.

Q:Is there anything you wish the average hunter understood about hunting shows?

I’d say I wish the average hunter realized how hard it is to make a show from start to finish. You literally now have double the stress because not only do you have to make a good shot you also have to get it on film as well. If you have a camera man now you have double the scent and double the equipment and everything else. If your self filming it’s very difficult to film the animal get it in frame then get ready and shoot it then quickly get back on it as it’s going away. If your doing a show your shows based on decent footage so you have to make sure you get your zoom right and the footage isn’t all shaky.

Q:Where do you see TKO heading in the next couple years?

Honestly I see tko remaining online in upcoming yrs. it’s a great platform to be online and a lot of shows are transitioning to online shows. You can literally watch a hunting show any time anywhere on today’s mobile devices.

Q:Bucket list hunt?

Ah my bucket list hunt would hands down be an archery elk hunt out west.


About Jeremy Myers:

My name is Jeremy Myers. I am 28years old and am a Registered Respiratory Therapist at rehab hospital in West Virginia. I have been hunting for as long as I can remember. I received my first turkey call around the age of 8 from Penn’s Woods and after that there has been a fire burning in me for the sport. I put together Team KnockOut in 2010 when I began submitting my hunting footage to Northwoods Outdoors. After that I began to see a whole different side of the hunting industry “Filming”. I have been filming for about 3 years now.

I enjoy every minute in the field, regardless if I harvest an animal or not. In my opinion there is nothing that compares to a giant spring gobbler screaming his lungs out and responding to your call or even a mature buck rubbing his horns and making a scrape only a few yards from your tree stand. To me this is what hunting is all about. I have harvested many turkey and deer over the years and each one I am equally as proud of even if they are not all monsters.


Current Sponsors through my show

• The Original Muck Boot Company

• Hunter Safety System

• Badlands

• Frigid Forage

• Black Eagle Arrows

• IQ Bow Sights

• GlenDel Targets

• Covert Scouting Cameras

• Bad Medicine Archery

• Stokerized Stabilizers

• VaporTrail Archery

• Autumn Warrior Outdoors

Snypex Optics

Nockturnal Lighted Nocks




Team KnockOut Doors

Badlands – Operative Staff (Elite Staff)

Bowtech Archery

Bad Medicine Archery

IQ Bow Sight

Field Logic

GlenDel Targets

Eye Black

Snypex optics ambassador


You can find Jeremy and TKO on Facebook

Jeremy Myers – Hunter

Team Knockout

And Twitter




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