Trophy Score Fishing


It's not always easy to recall the size of a fish from a picture and it can take a long time to find a picture of a fish you caught years ago and posted online. This can be very frustrating when you want to show off your big fish.













Trophy Score Fishing by Doubletough Ventures, Inc allows you keep your freshwater and saltwater fishing trophies all in one place. This easy to use app requires no membership or password to remember. The steps to enter the info for your fish are very simple with diagrams on how to properly measure your fish.

Record the details of your catch with 12 separate information catagories. The app allows to save your fish without all catagories filled out if you don't choose to record or if you just want to record details about the fish and fill the information out later if you are releasing the fish.

Information Categories:








Reel type

Bait used

Type of fishing

Reel speed

There is also an option to add one photo and you will have the ability to edit the information entered. To save the information you calculate your trophy score which is your fish measurements added together.


Nine freshwater fish and 10 saltwater fish are on the list.


Channel Catfish

Chinook Salmon

Largemouth Bass


Northern Pike

Rainbow Trout


Striped Bass



Blue Marlin

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Greater Amberjack


King Mackerel

Pacific Halibut





You can find Trophy Score Fishing by Doubletough Ventures, Inc on the App Store. More information on this app on the developers website

Currently the app is $0.99

Pictures courtesy screen shots of app.












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