2014 has been an eventful year. Sad, happy, scary and amazing times.

Started the year in South Carolina and I got my first hooded merganser.

Went to ATA for the first time, had a blast. Went to the newly managed NRA Harrisburg show, big show and I'm glad I went once and got to see some old friends.

I was spared any damage or injury in a beyond scary freeway accident in the middle of a snow storm.

Drove from New York to Texas and back solo.

I traveled to Alabama for the Backwater Outdoors pro staff bowfishing get together and shot my first buffalo fish.

I got my alligator head and bear rug back.


Found some spawning grounds of carp in Lake Ontario and removed over 1,000 pounds of invasives in a months worth of weekends.

Started shooting a recurve.


Gained some experience preseason baiting black bear in Maine.

Met some amazing women at the annual women's bear hunt in Maine. I am extremely blessed to call these ladies friend.

Got chased up a ladder stand by a running bear.

Started and finished renovations on the downstairs and put the house for sale in preparation for our move to South Carolina.

Watched my husband graduate Drill Sargent school.

Shot my first wood duck and Canada goose.


Became pro staff for Martin Archery, Clean Shot Archery and Freedom Outdoor Adventures.

I lost some friendships and gained some new ones. Lost friendships are my only regret, unfortunately sometimes that's life.

Over all a great year full of good memories and lessons learned. Looking forward to see what 2015 brings!















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