How to install the Laser Bowfish Assassin by Clean Shot


To install the Laser Bowfish Assassin head you will need the following items

  • Laser Bowfish Assassin kit
  • Bare bowfishing arrow (standard 5/16) (purchase at
  • Drill with 3/32 drill bit
  • Safety goggles
  • Epoxy
  • Pliers
  • Moist paper towel
  • Drilling surface

Remove the laser head tip from the barb housing and flip the barbs toward the treaded end.

Make sure the bowfishing shaft is clean and that the barb housing fits the shaft. Apply a small pea sized amount of epoxy into the bottom of the non treaded, tapered end of the housing. Press the arrow shaft into the housing and slowly spin until the epoxy is evenly distributed.

Apply pressure firmly until barb housing is set on the shaft.

With safety goggles on slowly drill through the holes and arrow making sure you keep the arrow steady to insure a straight line to the hole on the opposite side. Take care not to breathe in the fiberglass dust and clean up the dust immediately with a moist paper towel.

Take the set pin and push into the hole as far as you can. Take the pliers and apply pressure to fully insert the pin, making sure that the pin is set evenly.

Flip the barbs back down and screw the laser head tip back on to the housing. After the epoxy cures (see bottle for cure time) you are ready to fish! Follow the instructions included with the Laser Bowfish Assassin on installing the activation bar and magnet slide.

For more information on Clean Shot products visit



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