The Silent Retriever




The Silent Retriever doubles your chance at an instant grab with its duo grapples.



The Silent Retriever instantly grabs onto any item with soft material.

I don’t know about you but I constantly drop things, a terrible habit to have when you are 20 feet up in a tree.

The Silent Retriever is an absolute must have for any hunter that hunts from an elevated stand. Unlike other grapples, it is able to instantly grab on to any soft material and does so without damaging it.



I was never good at the claw game and I certainly don’t want to be playing it when I am trying to hunt. The Silent Retriever also acts like a normal grapple if you have hard objects you need to pick up. For items with nothing to grab on to,like your phone, the Assist Tabs create a contact point for the Retriever to grab on to.



With the Assist Tabs you can pick up hard objects that couldn’t be picked up by a grapple.

Have a tree branch that’s in your shooting lane but just out of your reach from your stand? A little Indiana Jones action can hook the Retriever around the branch and you can tie it out of the way until you can come back with some pruners.

The Silent Retriever is very simple to use, you just take it out of the safety tube and attach it to the pull rope. Always return the Retriever to the safety tube because it will try to cling to everything.

The Silent Retriever can be purchased separately, as a kit, and is even available with a magnet that can hold 4.5 pounds of metal with its magnet. MSRP from $12.99 – $26.99 depending on style purchased. Available in 4 colors, orange, black, yellow and red.

The Silent Retriever Complete System includes a retriever in a reusable safety tube, 25′  Multi Use Pull Rope,  5 Assist Tabs.

You can purchase The Silent Retriever at or


The Silent Retriever

The Silent Retriever Complete System includes a retriever in a reusable safety tube, 25′ Multi Use Pull Rope, 5 Assist Tabs.

Warnings from the manufacturer:

1. Do not reach out excessively when using this product.

2. Do not use this product if you experience dizziness looking down.

3. Do not use this product without wearing a TMA Certified Safety Harness.

4. NEVER use this product to retrieve a loaded firearm or ANY ammunition.



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