ACU Archery Lock


The highly visible Econo Lok deters dry fires and theft. Lock through the d-loop to prevent the Lok from being moved up the string.

“Are you Locked, or Loaded?”

It seems that the  first instinct that some people have when they see a bow is to pick it up wrap their fingers around the string and try to draw it, even if they have no intention or permission to shoot it. Protection is needed for your bow to keep curious friends, children, customers and TSA agents from potentially damaging your bow or themselves. Zip ties can be easily cut and replaced so the solution would have to be a reusable keyed lock.

ACU Archery introduced their Archery Safety Lock after seeing a need to protect their investments in their own store and their customer’s homes. Highly visible, the ACU lock deters anyone from drawing a bow. It can be locked on to the string or cam the ACU Lock works for both compound bows and compound crossbows. The ACU Lok also works in securing your bow when you are out of the field is a requirement in some states, check your state laws.


The ACU Lok can secure cams as well to prevent draw on a compound bow and compound crossbow.

Theft deterrent is another use with its high visibility and its ability to be used with a cable to be secured to an object.

The ACU Lock comes in two styles, molded Enoco ACU Lok and Aluminum ACU Lock.

The Econo ACU Lok is sturdy and great protection at a minimal cost and is a great option for those that have multiple bows to protect such as archery programs, pro shops or archery passionate families. Available in Orange MSRP $10.99 or Pink MSRP $11.99

The Aluminum ACU Lok is key operated, has all aluminum construction, with Teflon impregnated anodizing and laser engraved. It also has the ability to be customized with most bow manufacturer’s logos at an additional cost. Available in black, blue, green, red, orange MSRP $29.99, pink MSRP $31.99 and Lost Camo MSRP $36.99.


Aluminum ACU Lok Photo Courtesy of ACU Archery

A small cost for a one time insurance policy against dry fires, damage and theft.

Proudly Made in the USA by a faith based company dedicated to the archery industry and the development of new archery products.

ACU Archery supports Pink Arrow Project by donating $1 for each Pink Econo ACU Lok sold and $2 for each Aluminum ACU Lok sold. Donations go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation through ACU Archery’s partnership with Pink Arrow Project.


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