Quick Knot by UPPER HAND


The only thing worse than not seeing any fish while bowfishing is not being able to get back to shooting quick enough when you are surrounded by fish. Losing an arrow, breaking a nock or tip used to mean being out of the game for many valuable minutes while you try to securely tie a new arrow on. Now, with the introduction of the Quick Knot, that time has been reduced to mere seconds.

IMG_3106 Quick Knot by UPPER HAND

The Quick Knot is a simple yet genius connector that is made from spring tempered 320 stainless steel wire that creates a secure connection by taking the place of  a knot, functioning similarly to a fishing tackle swivel but one piece that will not open or break apart.

Easily change arrow in seconds! Strong and secure connection.

Even the installation of the Quick Knot is so easy you can go from package to ready to fish in less than a minute; all you have to do is tie a knot.

??????????????????????????????? From package to ready to fish in seconds, all you have to do is tie a knot.

The Quick Knot was developed by two brothers with a passion for the outdoors and a truly innovative spirit.

Not only does the Quick Knot solve the quick arrow change, it has many other benefits as well. If you shoot a pass-through on a fish, you can quickly detach the arrow and pull the string back through instead of trying to thread an arrow nock first back through a flopping fish. Benefits also include storing and transporting your bow or big fish/alligator floats without the arrow attached.

The Quick Knot is truly a game changer when it comes to speed and convenience in the bowfishing arena. No more cutting your line every arrow change or trying to pick apart a knot that has been tightened down by reeling in hundreds of fish.

UPPER HAND put together a great instructional video.

For more information or to purchase Quick Knot visit upperhand-outdoors.myshopify.com/

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