Lifes a birch…

I wrote this September 2013

Sitting in a treestand for hours gives you a lot of time to think and over think. Pondering life’s moments, what ifs, regrets, etc.
Every now and then there is a lesson in the silent still of being alone in God’s creation. Today’s lesson came from the birch trees I was surrounded by, one in particular.

Birch trees don’t keep their branches as they grow, they loose them. Even though time and energy was spent growing those branches, they are gone but a scar (or knot if you will) remains. In many ways I think life is like that. We put effort and life into friendships and where we think life should grow, only for those friends to leave us or life takes a different direction. Those memories will always be there, they were part of who we once were and that cannot change.

One tree in front of me stuck me profoundly because it took a branch and made it the main beam, with where it “should have been” growing ending up being the part to slowly die off. So to summarize my random thoughts, life won’t always turn out how it’s supposed to be, we will be forced to move on but bear the scars that shaped us, life doesn’t always go the direction that’s expected but in the end, all that matters is we grow towards the Sun, the Light and Life. As long as we grow closer to God, we will reach our full potential whatever plans He has in mind for us…