Sqwincher Steady Shot saved my life!

Sqwincher Steady Shot saved my life!200501-FP_960

Yes it’s true, an energy shot saved my life, and not just any energy shot – Sqwincher Steady Shot.

I’ll begin my story by telling you a little about Sqwincher first. An American company dedicated to providing American workers and hunters with quality products to keep them alert and hydrated. The offer a large variety of products from premixed drinks to electrolyte chews and even hydrating freeze pops, perfect for a hot day!

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I have driven many miles alone, which requires a lot of caffeine. Having a product that will keep me alert and save bladder space on long trips is very important. Sqwincher Steady Shot is a far superior source of caffeine that won’t have you shaking or crashing. No sugar, carbs or calories. As someone that has driven multiple long trips including 23 hours straight and 36 hours in 48 hours, I’m some what of an expert on what works.

This story is a little difficult to write. Seeing the pictures brings me back to that moment of feeling completely helpless.

It had been a rough week and I was ready to get on the road. I had just quit an organization that I had truly dedicated the last two years of my life to and as a result lost a good friend. It wasn’t easy but it was the right thing to do and this trip to Texas was just what I needed to get started on the next chapter of my life.

The journey to Texas from New York began by picking up a rental car. I had decided to rent a Ford Focus to save some gas on this long trip. While I was at the counter, I was asked if I wanted to upgrade. I joked that I would take a Ford Escape and they happened to have one. I packed up the Escape, drank my Sqwincher Steady Shot and headed out hoping the storm was delayed that was supposed to hit Tug Hill (an area notorious for heavy snowfall).

It was about 3 in the afternoon and the sky turned dark, visibility was 50 yards and getting worse. I had slowed down to about 55, a speed I felt comfortable with, not too fast not to slow. The road was reduced to a single lane because the snow plow simply could not keep up. I was nervous but focused and alert. An orange tractor trailer I had passed previously on clear conditions was in a hurry and just had to pass me, cutting over into the un-plowed lane and went around me to disappear into the snow in front. That made me extremely nervous. If I couldn’t see a bright orange semi how could I see a dark car? I remember passing an exit that I could barely see, I would have exited if I could have seen it in time. The visibility was getting worse when suddenly across the whole freeway was a wall of orange.

There was nowhere to go, I don’t even remember seeing the two cars that were stopped on the right, I have no idea if there were there before I was. I slammed on the brakes and just knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop. Everything was in slow motion and I knew that if I couldn’t stop I would end up, at best, with the hood under the sideways trailer. I remember being able to think quickly in those few seconds. I remember thinking “Crap, it’s a rental car”

Sliding on the icy road I wasn’t slowing down fast enough. At the last second I jerked the wheel to the right, and the Escape gripped the road just enough that I had a controlled slide to the only open spot next to the trailer and gently stopped by bumping the snow bank. I couldn’t believe it, I was ok, and when I remembered, there were more semis and cars behind me and I had no place to go.

The visibility was getting little better and small cars and pickups were able to stop, but I knew the semis were coming. I had backed up to the middle of the road because the crashed semi was leaking fuel and didn’t want to be next to it.

photo 1

The hood of the Escape. The tracks next to the trailer are mine. I slid to a stop that close!


I was out of the Escape feeling trapped, not knowing if I was more vulnerable in or out of the suv. There was panic in people’s voices, not knowing if the traffic behind was going to be able to stop. Then I saw it, barreling down the side of the road, I yelled “They’re coming!” A red semi was flying at us and at the last second dove into the ditch to avoid the sports car that was sideways on the shoulder.

photo 4

Over the roof of the snow covered Escape, the red semi in the ditch barely missed the white truck.

The sheer force that he hit the snow with would have killed anyone in his path, in a vehicle or not. The snow was clearing and everyone was checking on everyone else. The cause of the pile up was the orange semi rear ending a tow truck he couldn’t see and sending it one way and him the other.

It was about an hour wait before anything moved. Ambulances could be heard; slowly they were clearing those that didn’t have any damage. I was at the front of the line so I was the last to be able to turn around and drive past the carnage that was behind me.

A sedan was smashed into the fender of a tanker truck, not sure if it was hazardous material or not. The line of accidents was probably a good half mile. Eventually I was able to get back to the exit I had passed earlier and get in line to go around.

To say I was shook up would be an understatement but I had stopped shaking by the time that I was able to turn around.

photo 5

The vehicles stopped behind me

I made it to Ohio before I had to stop and get a hotel room; I was emotionally and mentally exhausted.

After a good night’s rest, I was up and ready to keep driving and you better believe I had my Sqwincher Steady Shot!

Steady Shot comes in Fruit Punch, Orange and Berry. I am so thankful for a product that kept me alert, my guardian angels that were watching over me and the upgrade at the rental car company. I am very blessed and hope everyone drives safe, alert and not distracted.

For more information visit www.sqwincher.com/products/steady-shot/sqwincher-steady-shot/


photo 6

The tow truck that the orange semi plowed into. Drive safe! Getting somewhere late is better than never getting there at all.

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