My first bear, video included.

I was watching her from my stand when this picture was taken.

I was watching her from my stand when this picture was taken. She has a small patch of white!

September 2013 was an amazing month for me, my husband came home from Afghanistan and I got my first bear!

It was a beautiful fall week, the weather was perfect for a hunt. The abundance black berries had taken its toll on the bear season and this was the last week of the season so the pressure was on after I missed a great bear the first night of the hunt in 2012. (Read that story here)

When I got to Pleasant River we had a game plan to use the Bear Trap that Insights Nutrition makes along with some other secret ingredients. Bear Trap has a super sweet smell that lingers in the air, perfect bait! As you’ll see in the video, the Bear Trap draws em in and keeps em in!

I watched her the first night and she had an amazing coat, so extremely fluffy. After reviewing the footage I knew that if she came in again I would be happy to take her and I am so glad that I did, I will have a beautiful rug and an amazing hunt to remember.

My bear rug will be done this summer and I cannot wait to get back to Maine to hunt again!


Hope he comes to my bait 2014!

Hope he comes to my bait 2014!

The night before last day of season this monster shows up and stays for over 7 hours cleaning up all the Bear Trap that was on another bait site. This bear is new to the area and was drawn in, and kept in by Bear Trap.





Special thanks to Pleasant River Guide Service and Insights Nutrition!



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