Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven

Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven

Hunting gear isn’t always camouflage or something that we would bring to the stand with us. Sometimes hunting gear is something that we use before, after or while traveling to a hunt.

Hunting camp is the perfect place for home cooked meals that are delicious but can be a challenge if you are watching your weight or have special dietary needs.  While on the road there are little to no healthy options to keep you going, unless you bring the food with you.

Bringing cold snacks is easy enough, but having a hot meal is a little more difficult especially if you don’t know if there will be a kitchen or even a microwave available. Luckily, there is a way to get a good meal and all you need is a 110 volt A/C outlet. The Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven allows you to save money and stay healthy at work, on the road, or while in hunting camp.


The Mini Mac is available in several colors, comes with a carrying handle and power cord storage.

The Mini-Mac is an insulated tote with aluminum lining to maximize heat retention with a fully automatic heated platform able to handle food containers up to 8.75”W x 6.75”L x 2.5” H. The carry handle and cord storage allow for convenient storage and portability.

The Mini-Mac uses conduction heating to heat up pre made frozen or refrigerated meals that are made from scratch or come from your grocery store.  Both uncooked food and leftovers can be hot and ready to eat.

Conduction heating is not instant and can take from 45 to 90 minutes to get the food to the proper temperature, but it allows your meal to cook thoroughly and evenly while retaining all of its moisture.

Photo courtesy of Hot Logic

Easy to use, the Mini-Mac takes a variety of containers. Photo courtesy of Hot Logic

Once your meal reaches its optimal cooking temperature, the Mini-Mac will keep the food hot without over cooking it for several hours. Imagine before you head out to hunt, putting your frozen leftovers in the Mini-Mac and coming back to camp hours later with a hot ready meal ready to eat. No more waiting for food to cook or waiting for the microwave and hoping your meal is not still frozen in the middle. This convenience can be carried over to the work place or while you are traveling in your car, saving you from having to hit up the fast food restaurants or using your workplace’s community microwave – if there is one available.


Even this freezer meal that was labeled “microwave only” was safely heated to a hot and tasty meal.

Even if you don’t cook or buy frozen meals you can still use the Mini-Mac. Open a can of soup and pour it into a glass container or your grocery store may have options for you with single serving oven ready meals. The Mini- Mac can save you money, time and calories.

For more information on the Mini-Mac visit

The Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven MRSP is $49.95 and can be found online at,, and various other online retailers.

Hot Logic also offers conduction heating solutions for large families, camps or work places. For more information visit

It is very important that you read the entire User Manual that comes with the Mini-Mac, the following is an excerpt.

Usage Guidelines from the Mini-Mac Manual:                                                                        

  • Read all the following items before using the device.
  • Do not touch the heated surface when loading or unloading a meal.
  • Always check a meal for proper temperature before consuming.
  • A variety of container materials will work and are safe to use with the Mini-Mac, Plastic, Aluminum, Glass and Paper based containers will work, provided the container is rigid, flat bottomed, sealed with a lid and can withstand 212 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
  • For best results, we recommend that any container used with the Mini-Mac have a flat bottomed surface. A flat bottom surface provides the best contact with the heater tray and will ensure the greatest amount of heat will be transferred into the meal.
  • Make sure your meal is centered on the heater tray and that the bottom of the meal has the maximum possible contact with the heated surface.
  • Ensure the lid of the food container is properly sealed.
  • Do not pierce the top plastic film on prepackaged meal. The Mini-Mac works best when the seal remains intact.
  • Allow additional time for frozen meals of thickness greater than 1”.
  • Never attempt to heat a liquid (such as soup) using a resealable plastic bag (Ziploc Type) as the container.

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