Carp-i-vore™ from Bohning

When I started bowfishing, I equipped my bow with a reel and bowfishing arrow. I was using a three point bristle arrow rest that was part of the original bow setup. Since bowfishing arrows are much heavier than hunting arrows, the bottom bristle started to wear down. This became a problem since the arrow could fall to the side of the rest, creating a hassle to re-load, a missed shot or possibly a hazardous situation should the stop-screw bracket on the arrow hit the rest.

I found a solution when I found the Carp-i-vore™ from Bohning. The Carp-i-vore™ is the first and only fully-adjustable rest that combines the speed of a roller rest and the security of a capture rest. When I use the Carp-i-vore™, I know that my arrow is ready to go at any moment no matter when the shot opportunity happens. Speed is imperative when it comes to bowfishing and with the easy top load design I can nock an arrow, drop it in, and shoot within mere seconds.


Carp-i-vore™ from Bohning offers speed and security.Carp-i-vore™ is reversible for right or left-handed shooters and features vertical and horizontal adjustments making it perfect for any bowfishing set up. It is easy to install and can be set up in minutes.

Carp-i-vore™ has the option to change out the roller for a third set of bristles. The side bristles are also replaceable. I have never had my arrow fall out of the rest or fall to the side of the roller; even with running from the front to the back of the boat or twisting around for some tricky angles from shore or boat.

side viewCarp-i-vore™ has an MSRP of $48.77 and is available at, as well as other online stores.

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