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A few years ago I started shooting clay pigeons. The first time I rented a thrower, it was electric and had the ability to change the angle with a hand-held controller. It was great to use but I didn’t want to be limited to only shooting there and having to rent the machine every time. It was annoying to have to wait for the machine to change angle or if it was already rented I would have to wait for my turn.

Next, I tried a spring-operated machine that was difficult to set and use. When the string broke on the spring-operated machine, we used a hand-held thrower. This particular hand-held thrower was hard to load and resulted in 95% of the targets being thrown directly into the trees next to us or busting upon immediate impact with the ground. Needless to say, we stopped shooting that day because three of us could not get a consistent flight of a clay out of this device.

At the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I was introduced to the Wing One Clay Thrower. I immediately noticed the difference in the way that the thrower is made. It is very easy to load and easy to throw. With little effort the person throwing can easily provide quick targets for multiple shooters and they can adjust the way the clay flies just by changing their throwing pattern, providing a challenging target similar to real life bird hunting situations.

Everyone I have shown the Wing One to has been impressed with its ability to quickly load and throw. The Wing One thrower is even able to throw broken clays, something that other throwers just cannot do. I can take the Wing One with me anywhere I can shoot my shotgun and it’s so simple to use I can have anyone throw for me. No batteries, no maintenance and no muscling springs into place.

The Wing One thrower is portable, affordable, effective and easy to use and proudly made in the USA. The creators of Wing One have also recently released a left handed thrower.

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Left Handed Thrower

Wing One is available for purchase at!.html  for $39.95

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