Exodus Broadheads

The first thing that you immediately notice about the Exodus broadhead by Quality Archery Designs is that it is designed somewhat differently than other broadheads of its class. Instead of being similar to the conventional broadhead, which can add an inch or more to the arrow length, the Exodus broad head uses a new technology called Blade Over Shaft Technology (B.O.S.). This design allows the tempered stainless steel blades to extend back over the shaft allowing the arrow to remain the same length as it would be with a field point. I use the tapered field points that are slightly longer than the “bullet” style field points.


Although the broad head is a fixed blade broadhead, the blades are replaceable. The cut-on-contact head has a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter and is available in 85 or 100 grain with the option of a barbed or non-barbed style.

I found that the broadheads fly identical to my field points and the blades are amazingly sharp. My target is a stacked foam Block target and when I shoot the Exodus broadheads, I pull the arrows out with large pieces of foam falling out of the target. Not good for target longevity but great for shooting any game animal. Luckily, since they fly exactly like field points you won’t have to tear up your targets trying to dial in your pins.

Just for fun, I tested the broad head on some pumpkins; the tough outer shell of the pumpkin would provide a good comparison to that of the vital zone of a whitetail deer.

I currently shoot a 47 pound draw weight and as you can see from the pictures, the pumpkin hardly slowed the arrow down.


I then tried with two pumpkins with similar results.The Exodus passed through the pumpkins like they weren’t even there and the only thing that stopped the arrow was the target.


One mild winter night, I had the opportunity to test the broadheads on a raccoon. The raccoon was treed about 10 yards away and the shot flew through ribs, vitals and kept flying for another 15 yards. The exit wound was twice as large as the broadhead’s cutting diameter. I cannot wait to try these broad heads on a deer or hog.

If you are in the market for a fixed blade with field point accuracy capable of bone crushing devastation, even with a lighter pound bow, I highly recommend the Exodus broadheads by Quality Archery Designs. They are available at select stores and at http://www.qadinc.com at a MSRP of $39.99.

Video Courtesy of Quality Archery Designs

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