Akita Stock by ATI

Akita Gun Stock in Dark Earth Brown     Photo courtesy of ATI

Akita Gun Stock in Dark Earth Brown       Photo courtesy of ATI

The first shotgun I purchased was a 12 gauge Mossberg 500. The 12 gauge has always been known for its kick and the 500 is no exception. Its a great gun but can leave you tender after a day shooting clays. The stock of the gun was too long for me to shoulder the gun comfortably so I wouldn’t shoot it often.

I learned of the Akita gun stock when I discovered that it came standard on a CZ shotgun. When I saw the stock on a display Mossberg 500, I had to have it! I love that I can still have a hunting look to my shotgun, in the black and brown color combination, because the stock is available in 3 colors. Also available are matching forends to complete the look and feel of your shotgun.

Mossberg Akita Adjustable Stock with Neoprene Adjustable Cheekrest

Akita Adjustable Stock and Forend in Dark Earth Brown on Mossberg 500 ~Photo courtesy of ATI

The Akita is 4 position-adjustable, ranging from a 12 3/8″ to 14 3/8″ length of pull. Perfect for shotguns that will be shared or a shotgun that is purchased for a growing youth.


Smallest adjustment on top, largest on bottom.

Another feature that makes the Akita stock so amazing is the Scorpion Recoil Pad. I was skeptical because I have tried other brand recoil pads and not only do they add length to the gun, they don’t work as well as I think they should. The Scorpion Recoil Pad changes the Mossberg 500’s “mule kick” into a recoil equivalent  to that of a 20 or even 28 gauge.

The combination of the adjustable stock and recoil pad will save your shoulder and allow you more options for gun selection for anyone that would shy away from buying a 12 gauge; or even from using a higher brass, heavyweight shot such as duck or turkey loads.

The recoil pad also helps to minimize the muzzle lift, which is important when you are trying to shoot multiple targets quickly. Without the complex parts of spring or piston driven recoil reducers, the Scorpion Recoil Pad will not fail you. If it is on your gun, it will perform well.

The Akita also comes with an adjustable cheekrest, allowing you to finely tune your shotgun to fit you. No more neck strain keeps you shooting longer in the field and at the range. Yet again, a great feature for growing youth or ladies.

A friend of mine has a bad shoulder that comes out of socket, limiting her to shooting smaller gauge shotguns. It took some convincing but she shot my Mossberg 500 with the Akita stock installed and she was amazed that it was a 12 gauge. She thought that it kicked like her 28 gauge. The Akita now offers her more shotgun options to any gauge she chooses. She has also decided to purchase the stock for her 11-year old daughter’s shotgun to allow her to shoot more than a few shots before becoming sore and discouraged.

I know that I will be shooting my shotgun more often now because the gun not only fits me correctly; it  offers less recoil. The Akita is easy to install, it took me less than 20 minutes–from reading the instructions to completion. It would have taken me less time if I had found the correct socket wrench the first time. The only difficult part is finding an extension rod long enough to get down in that very long Mossberg stock.

The Akita gun stock is weatherproof, made of DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer. It is manufactured in the USA and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Akita is available for 12 gauge and select 20 gauge Mossberg, Remington, Ithaca and Winchester shotguns at a MSRP of $89.99 and retail at select stores and at www.atigunstocks.com

For more information, visit the ATI website and stay tuned to http://www.LadiesinCamo.com for a video review in the near future.


My Mossberg 500 with Akita Stock and Forend.

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