Rinehart Field Target

I’ve had my eye on this target for a while and finally found it in a store. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too large or two small.

The target is a good size with good weight behind it. It is very fun to shoot and when you shoot it it will spin with the energy of the shot so you have many different points of aim with little worry of robin hooding an arrow.This is also great if there is more than one shooter. The target can be placed at a known distance or tossed for distance estimation practice.


When shot at a slight angle, the target spins on grass and allows for multiple shots.

Even if your hunting area is marked at distance, animals rarely pick the exact distance so it good to practice. The target is black with bright green targets that are highly visible even in low light.


Even after many, many shots the target seals up and is really for more hits.

Rinehart Field Target has self healing material that makes it extremely durable.

You can find the rineheart target at select stores or a online hunting retailer for $34.99

For more information go to http://www.rinehart3-d.com

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